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How different consumer segments in MENA shop during Black Friday Share via

This year’s Black Friday will see shoppers in the MENA region looking for more convenience along with exceptional discounts, which is the hallmark of the biggest shopping festival in the region. As the awareness level about the event is at an all-time high in MENA, consumers will demand and expect retailers to provide more value to them this time around –  focusing on top shopper-friendly features like same-day delivery, easy returns, click & collect, along with significant discounts.

What makes Black Friday even more interesting this time is the expected participation from the consumer segments who have previously shied away from shopping online. There has been a significant shift in consumer shopping behavior in the region in the last couple of years, primarily due to the pandemic, and online retail has been the biggest beneficiary of these changing habits.

For any e-commerce brand to efficiently reach the potential consumer, they need to segment them according to their generations in shopping. Segmentation helps brands to understand how a particular section of shoppers will behave under a given circumstance. For example, for e-commerce companies, millennials drive most of the online sales globally. In contrast, the baby boomers are the ones showing a minor engagement in this channel of shopping. In this blog, let us look at the four major shopper segments that brands will look to target in MENA during Black Friday 2022.

Baby Boomers

Shoppers in the age group of 57 to 75 years are called Baby Boomers. Generally, they prefer to shop more at a brick-and-mortar store than the online channel. But of late, there has been a shift in their shopping pattern. Research has shown that baby boomers have started to shop online more than ever during the pandemic and have now stuck to e-commerce. Since they have a good disposable income, e-commerce companies should focus more on this shopper set. Although the pandemic was the primary reason for this new shopping behavior depicted by the baby boomers, our research says most consumers will now stick to online shopping because of the convenience they have experienced. Therefore, during this year’s Black Friday sale in MENA, baby boomers are expected to participate more than they have done during the past editions.

Gen X

Shoppers in the age group of 41 to 56 are known as Gen X. They are much more tech-savvy than the baby boomers and spend more online than their older counterparts. After millennials, Gen X spends more on shopping online. But a majority of their shopping is also done at brick-and-mortar stores. This set of consumers is more loyal to the brands and the products they use.


Shoppers in the age group of 25 to 40 are called the Millennials. Millennials are the most critical customer segment for e-commerce companies in the region, as they drive most e-commerce sales. During this year’s Black Friday in the MENA, millennials will be the most significant customer segment to shop online. In terms of the population of this region, Millennials account for almost 45% of the base. In addition, this segment of shoppers is incredibly tech-savvy and is well-informed about different products and services. This customer segment spends much time on social media and is up to date with the latest trends.  However, Millennials demonstrate less brand loyalty and want top-notch quality and services from the brands they invest in. Another important aspect of this customer segment is that they are not very price-sensitive, allowing online brands to create better products than just looking at cost-efficient goods. Millennials are also very conscious about the brands they buy, and most prefer to shop from socially responsible brands.

Gen Z

People aged 6 to 24 are referred to as Gen Z. Gen Zs grew up in a hyper-connected environment, and their preferred method of shopping is through smartphones. The majority in this consumer segment does not have the power to make a purchase decision. But consumers over the age group of 17 are social media savvy and demonstrate a very high engagement rate with brands that are active on social media. For brands, this segment is essential, and the effective way to reach them is by giving them tailor-made offers on products and services. In addition, Gen Zs are not afraid to instantly switch brands.

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With a detailed analysis of market size, country and category-wise expected contributions, demographics, consumer habits, per capita spending, and the latest trends, this report will enable marketers in the region to understand how shoppers look at online shopping in the region. The report by ArabyAds also captures the Black Friday sentiments of online shoppers with a thorough analysis to help e-commerce brands during the shopping extravaganza and presents tips and opportunities to scale this season. Download the report here.