Influencer Marketing & The E-commerce industry!!

Influencer Marketing & The E-commerce industry!!
  • Roqayah Tbeileh
  • June 30, 2020

As all of you by now know, the e-commerce industry is the biggest beneficiary of performance marketing solutions. While our blog includes so many content pieces about affiliate marketing, and mix and match them with different objectives of e-commerce companies, we have yet to explore the effectiveness of influencer marketing under the e-commerce industry. 


In a nutshell, we’ve already established how important influencer marketing is in many industries. Yet, we’re the market is finding a struggle to prove the importance of influencer marketing to industries such as the e-commerce one. Why? Mainly because the e-commerce industry is very reliant on the coupon model affiliate marketing. 

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What is influencer marketing?


It is a marketing technique that enables a brand to reach the audience of a social media personality and promote its products to this audience. 

Influencer marketing has replaced “word of mouth” in marketing. People, in the past, used to recommend products to each other, nowadays, people’s trust has shifted to social media personalities, making those celebrities the most reliable source. And that helped any influencer pr agency to pave a business that can connect the most relevant and well-served influencers to match with certain businesses and vice versa.

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Why hasn’t it been used in the E-commerce industry?


We’ve asked our experts from various departments at ArabyAds to explain to us why influencer marketing isn’t one of the main marketing methods preferred by e-commerce companies. They conveyed a few reasons. 

E-commerce business is focused on sales mainly


When influencer marketing emerged a few years ago, it wasn’t the perfect marketing tool to boost sales. As a matter of fact, it was always associated more with brand awareness. You would see many emerging seeking influencers to promote their products and services, basically to build a name, a foundation, then start selling. 


E-commerce companies can never find the perfect influencer


This isn’t an exclusive struggle for e-commerce companies; many industries face a problem with influencer marketing. We have to admit that understanding influencers is quite hard. Why? Because you need so much experience to identify the right influencer. Every influencer with an authentic fanbase is the right influencer for a brand, but is he/she the right influencer for your brand? That’s the question.  And that’s quite a task for an influencer pr agency nowadays. 


Influencer marketing is expensive 


It is!! This is undeniably true. Influencer and social media celebrities have a large fan-base that may represent a strong purchasing power. Influencers are either valued for the number of active followers they have or the interactions they receive. In both cases, yes, influencer marketing is costly. 


How did ArabyAds address these struggles? 

We’ve redesigned influencer marketing to generate sales 


Because most of our clients are e-commerce companies, we needed to address their needs and provide solutions that match their business objectives. The ultimate objective is often generating and increasing sales. Thankfully, our team of experts refined a data-base of influencers with impeccable metrics of their follower-base behavior and engagement. This made us the best influencer marketing platform for influencers in the region faster than expected. Through analysis of the type of content these influencers usually publish is regularly conducted to make sure their audience is a perfect match for different e-commerce categories. Aside from that, our team merged the affiliate model, yet by using influencers and celebrities to receive satisfactory results. 

How do we select the right influencers? 


Selecting the right influencer for your e-commerce company is a hassle. Different categories are preferred by different personas. What makes an influencer a perfect match is their history and expertise, in addition to other metrics that reflect on the trust of his/her audience. 

ArabyAds eliminated the risk, COMPLETELY! 


Yes, influencer marketing is pricey! We’ve already established that. However, the revolutionary solution is not paying at all for the influencer. Yup, e-commerce companies can now launch a campaign and pay influencers after they generate sales through our influencer marketing platform easily fast.

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Clients' Testimonials

I started working with Arabyads during my time at Citi UAE (2017-2018). The biggest challenge at the time was to grow the digital business within a media mix where most sources were nearing saturation. As such, finding lead sources that would allow us to hit digital sales targets became no easy task. ArabyAds were a consistently solid partner who allowed to scale up the business by delivering significant volumes of quality leads.

Pedro Cordero

AVP eBusiness

Our main goal here, at Dentsu is to supply our partners with leads of the highest quality on a consistent basis. This is exactly what ArabyAds has helped us fulfill for our Automotive & Banking brands using their online solutions. ArabyAds support teams took us step by step through the process of the program and shed light on the huge potential & importance of performance marketing. I highly recommend ArabyAds to other companies, looking to take their business to the next level.

Tareq AlAwar

Associate Director - Digital Trading

ArabyAds has taken the conversation through influencers into a measurable conversion model. So this influencer Program which started as a small element for an omni-channel business has been able to grow in scale; deliver a huge potential for us currently and in future as well.

Bala Subramaniam

Head of E-Commerce & Customer Experience at Max Fashion

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