Quick Insights and Ideas into the World of Real Estate: Using the Lead Generation Approach

  • Kawthar Ali
  • February 6, 2020

The real estate industry seems to be a booming one in the MENA Region, with some Arab countries having the lion’s share of development projects and expansion. This sector is considered one of the most important sectors in a country’s economy, as it creates job opportunities as well as cash flow when materials are bought and deserted land is used. 


Quick Insights


In Egypt for instance, the real estate sector is considered to contribute to the Growth Domestic Product by 16% according to property developer DMG chairman, and in Dubai alone, it contributes to 13.6% of the total GDP in the UAE according to Dubai Land Department (DLD) Annual Report! Such percentages emphasize how important the sector is to a country’s economy.

Despite the decline in revenue from the sector in the past few years, many sources stated that the sector will catch up during 2020 and start to generate revenue again in the upcoming years. 

Investments in the sector continue to grow in many Arab countries like Egypt and UAE. For instance, in Egypt in 2017/2018, investments in the real estate sector increased by around 16.5% from 2016/2017. Such a percentage continued to increase even in 2019, indicating a boom in the sector. In the UAE, the government forecasts a market recovery in the current year, especially after the coming Expo Exhibition that will start in October 2020. 

The sector is quite resilient in many Arab countries, since most people in the Arab world still invest in the real estate sector due to it being safer than other investment options, as well as having a promising ROI in the long run. 


Quick Lead Generation Ideas


Marketing in the real estate industry can be a difficult and a daunting process, since it possesses products that require a large investment to buy in the first place. Using lead generation as a performance- based solution comes in handy when dealing with real estate marketing, but comes with its own set of challenges as well, especially when choosing what platforms to advertise in, and how to withstand the competition in this competitive sector. 

Using a few of these ideas could help in making the process more fruitful.



  • Interactive Content



Customers nowadays like to feel they are having some kind of on-going conversation with social media pages or websites, which makes interactive content very attractive. Including videos, virtual tours of the properties, or even live-streams from some property listings can attract leads successfully. 



  • Customer Testimonials Matter



What is a better way than attracting new leads by displaying your clients’ experiences with your business? You can either ask your clients to put in a word for you in written form, or simply make a video of your major clients talking about their experience with you. People trust people like them always!



  • Keep Your Current Leads 



The main goal is to gain more leads rather than losing the old ones. Keep them engaged by offering them information that interests them, such as insights into the industry, or the best listings you have for the year. Such information is very valuable to your current clients and makes them feel special.



  • Your Website is One of Your Main Assets



Keeping your website visually appealing is very important, as it gives a good image of your business. Incorporating visuals and showing off your listings can have a huge effect on your prospective leads. Presenting insights and valuable content can also attract new leads and help them imagine how it is like buying from your business.


How about you let ArabyAds take the extra mile for you? Find out more about ArabyAds’ Lead Generation Program now. 


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Clients' Testimonials

I started working with Arabyads during my time at Citi UAE (2017-2018). The biggest challenge at the time was to grow the digital business within a media mix where most sources were nearing saturation. As such, finding lead sources that would allow us to hit digital sales targets became no easy task. ArabyAds were a consistently solid partner who allowed to scale up the business by delivering significant volumes of quality leads.

Pedro Cordero

AVP eBusiness

Our main goal here, at Dentsu is to supply our partners with leads of the highest quality on a consistent basis. This is exactly what ArabyAds has helped us fulfill for our Automotive & Banking brands using their online solutions. ArabyAds support teams took us step by step through the process of the program and shed light on the huge potential & importance of performance marketing. I highly recommend ArabyAds to other companies, looking to take their business to the next level.

Tareq AlAwar

Associate Director - Digital Trading

ArabyAds has taken the conversation through influencers into a measurable conversion model. So this influencer Program which started as a small element for an omni-channel business has been able to grow in scale; deliver a huge potential for us currently and in future as well.

Bala Subramaniam

Head of E-Commerce & Customer Experience at Max Fashion

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