Pharmaceutical industries and Performance Marketing: 4 Reasons why your brand can’t afford to neglect it!

  • Zayneb Badr
  • May 17, 2020

Pharmaceutical companies decided to join as a central role in the digital global revolution of healthcare. Lately,  they’ve been pacing up to catch with the new technology, advanced analysis, and digital trends that will benefit their companies’ development.

Historically, pharmaceutical companies have had little to no interaction with their end-users-patients since they depended entirely on their health care providers for medical knowledge and advice. 

In fact, with the patients becoming digital-savvy due to COVID-19 the thin lines between pharma companies and patients will be getting blurrier and can’t be neglected. And the differentiator is becoming the digital performance campaigns.

Hence, we’ve collected you 4 important factors your pharmaceutical company must not neglect in performance marketing:


  • Patients are looking for a provider.

Patients are not passive prescriptions recipients anymore. They want to be educated about everything and with the accessibility to a lot of health information on the internet from different sources.

And though some of them are not accurate and amateur, most of them are not. This gives pharma companies with decent content strategy an open door opportunity to be the most reliable among those providers. Creating valuable content is one of the most effective strategies you can use for good performance. 

Takeaway: Reach. value-driven content can grow your audience and set you as a reliable transparent company. So when building a lead generation campaign, try developing an emotional message that will encourage new leads to explore and convert. Further, this could encourage a wealth of user-generated content especially if you’re using a hashtag to vessel it.

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  • Providing them with information shifts them to regular customers.

After being the main reliable source of information, your digital users shall be approached as customers. 

In the long run, Marketing might not be workable on some of them and that would define them as not your actual customers. 

However, with awareness, customers( patients) can recognize your valuable content and put them in a position to request and reject products. Specifically, in healthcare products, the customer tends to appreciate the how-to, tips, and tutorials content. 

Takeaway: Act. giving visibility to products is important for your brand, for example, sanitizers, healthcare products, and vitamins are trending nowadays. Offering your consumers a gate to see the ingredients, reviews, and details through an application,  online shop, e-commerce website, or affiliates and influencers definitely is adding to your credit of accountability and transparency.

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  • Social media is your pool of reviews.

Deciding to go digitally public forces any brand to not neglect this factor. Reviews. It has been proven that 70% of the eldest age are influenced by recommendations made by 90% of the younger age that feed on social media information and experiences.

One negative experience can go viral and ruin your marketing campaign. Make sure you’re strengthening your performance by following up with your consumers or doing an influencer campaign. One of the best applications of performance marketing is influencers. Apply it wisely on your social media.

Takeaway: Engage. don’t spoil your brand with fake or out of scope reviews. Instead, make sure you’re taking your time to foster your relationships with influencers to benefit your company in the long term especially if you’re going to pick doctors and health-based ones

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  • Keep an eye on your competitors’ digital performance.

Above all that, it’s a basic rule to explore what your competitor is doing. Given the COVID-19 situation, it’s quite a competition going on between pharmaceutical companies. It’s an opportunity to stand out with your campaign.

Takeaway: Convert. SEO optimization for pharma companies is essential to stand out in such competition. Study your audience well and enhance your SEO based on it. Furthermore, you can develop campaigns that lead to comprehensive landing pages on your website or application. Another top tip, Chatbots are very effective by giving the user what they’re searching for even if it was a consultation.

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If you don’t have a performance marketing or affiliate marketing program yet, contact us to manage a tailored program that will benefit your business! 

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