Health Technology with Performance Marketing: Two Technologies Always Make a Right!

  • Kawthar Ali
  • February 6, 2020

The health sector has proven to have potential for technology, away from the use of technology within the medical practice. Many mobile apps, websites and different technology platforms for related to health for instance have become widespread in several Arab countries. Most apps and services received some acceptance, and some have become quite popular for the convenience and ease they offer.


Many of these apps offer different health-related services, such as offering some sort of a connection with locally certified medical doctors and booking appointments with them, or searching for medication that isn’t available in the country and delivering it to the doorstep, or apps for those who need blood donations and are matched to suitable blood donors, as well as some catering to even religious seasons like Ramadan, by offering daily diet tips throughout the month.


Such apps and technology revolutionized the health sector scene in many ways, especially that there is an on-going healthcare demand in the MENA region which is driven by the aging and growing population, as well as the prevalence of chronic illnesses. 


Since technology is the essence of these services and products, performance marketing which also relies heavily on technology is the answer when developing marketing plans for these businesses. 


So, how can Performance Marketing be applied to this breeding field for your Health Technology business? Let’s explore more!



  • Using Cost-per-Install (CPI Model)



This model is very popular with businesses that are in the form of an app or software. In this model, the targeted audience is encouraged to install the app or software, and the cost paid would be the cost of the installations only, not for the campaigns or any other costs incurred! The CPI model is a branch of the CPA model (Cost-per-Action), which as its name suggests, is the cost paid for any action, an install as an example.



  • Using Cost-per -Lead (CPL Model)



In this model, leads (who are basically people interested in your service or product) are generated and directed to your website or social media pages like Facebook, and you only pay for these leads alone. This saves you time and energy by receiving only customers who are genuinely interested in your website or online platform. 


Explore how this model is implemented in Lead Generation with ArabyAds.



  • Using Cost- per- Sale (CPS Model)



If your target is no more than selling a certain amount of your health products, then this model is for you. In this model, you only pay for the amount of products that are meant to be sold whether through affiliate or influencer marketing for instance. 


Find out more about Affiliate and Influencer Marketing from ArabyAds’ blog article.


In Performance Marketing, you only pay for results as you can see. Which model suits your business better?



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I started working with Arabyads during my time at Citi UAE (2017-2018). The biggest challenge at the time was to grow the digital business within a media mix where most sources were nearing saturation. As such, finding lead sources that would allow us to hit digital sales targets became no easy task. ArabyAds were a consistently solid partner who allowed to scale up the business by delivering significant volumes of quality leads.

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