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2020 Marketing Trends: Find Out What’s Happening This Year! Share via

2020 has finally arrived, and there is always a need to peek into what will happen this year in the marketing arena. So, let’s dive in!



The demand for Influencer Marketing (which is a $15 billion industry globally at present) will continue to increase, where the sector is expected to grow by 50% in 2020 in the MENA region. This will in turn will cause marketers to start finding better ways of measuring influencer campaign success to understand the dynamics involved.



Tiktok will become an integral part of the marketing strategy in 2020, where the company states that the app has more than 500 million users and more than a billion downloads worldwide. In the MENA region, Tiktok’s users in Saudi Arabia alone have reached up to 9.7 million beginning of 2019, which does show that the app is gaining popularity.



Despite the reserved Arab personality which is reluctant to give out any data, Account-Based Marketing (ABM) will continue to flourish in the MENA region, as it possesses more of a personal touch and doesn’t violate the privacy of clients.



The E-commerce market in the MENA region is expected to surpass 50% by 2020, with Egypt being the home to most of the internet users in the Arab world and the UAE being the most important player in the e-commerce market. Thus, advertising for this industry will continue to be quite important and will require an enormous amount of creativity.



The frequent use of Google Voice Search will revolutionize SEO strategies in 2020, in terms of including more common question ads, since voice search comes usually in the form of questions of (What, Where, When and How). Moreover, Google Voice Search will encourage more optimized mobile landing pages, as most users use their phones for voice search. The UAE is the leading country among other Arab countries in terms of optimizing Google Voice Search results.



Most marketing campaigns will depend mainly on social media stories in 2020, since most of them stay only for a period of 24 hours only, as well as being very short and precise. This leads to creating a sense of urgency that encourages shoppers to act quickly.



Personalization will be the king of data-driven marketing in 2020, as it has become quite important in offering clients a unique experience. It relies on knowing enough about clients and their needs and catering to their needs at the right time.



Video content Marketing will thrive more than blog posts and written content in 2020, as it captures the user’s attention more easily since users scroll through 90 m of content daily and most of them stay 5 times longer on video content according to Facebook! It is estimated that by 2020, 82% of online content will be videos mainly for better engagement.



Popup Ads might start slowing down as users are starting to get tired of them. This poses a challenge towards creating more relevant ads, creative designs and a wide range of messages.


The use of “visual search” will become more of a norm in 2020, as using tools such as Google Lens is becoming more popular when doing shopping, especially for consumers who are open to different options. Therefore, brands will in turn try to improve their visibility by incorporating more visuals.


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