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4 tips for performance marketers to boost sales during Ramadan Share via

By: Mohamed Nour

The holy month of Ramadan has almost reached halfway. And this is where things start to get filled with action, where most shoppers in the MENA region start their online spending journey on products and items apart from groceries. In addition, shoppers start preparing for the Eid festivities by purchasing fashion and accessories, beauty products, and many gifts for friends and families. As a result, online retailers have a great chance to boost their sales during the second half of Ramadan by building and developing their performance marketing strategies right. This blog will discuss the top four most important tips that will aid performance marketers in MENA to grow their revenue exponentially during one of the most important shopping events in the region.

Be focused on limited products

Be focused. It’s easy to say but hard to do. Dedicate some time to do the required research to know the top niches during Ramadan 2022. Think about the winning affiliate marketing strategies during Ramadan 2022 to make it the best for you. Try to be one of the very few affiliates who succeeded in promoting Ramadan-related products. Being focused is the right affiliate marketing strategy to set yourself apart from the other affiliates. Use practical ways to search about consumer behaviors during Ramadan 2022. Researching for top niches during Ramadan, find resources that will help you select the right product to market for it. The main objective is to search online consumer behavior and choose the best fit for your affiliate marketing. Explore their affiliate program details once you have selected the needed products during Ramadan 2022. You can also explore the well-known e-commerce websites to know the trendy products and price range. We recommend checking out the most recent campaigns and related details using Boostiny. Your final objective is to find products in high demand during Ramadan and offer them to your target audience.

Use social media channels

Looking for practical, low-cost marketing: social media marketing is the answer. Knowing that most of your audiences use the internet, nearly all of them have social media accounts and use them daily, makes social media marketing crucial. Affiliate marketers can use their profiles, business accounts, groups, or any account to promote their affiliate products. Affiliates can either use brand-fan with solo branded images and videos and edit the offers or make a brand-neutral account that focuses on posting simply about many products within the same niche. Social media marketing skills are available free from many resources, so affiliate marketers can quickly get more traffic, sales, and customers. For example, create a Facebook public group and a YouTube channel for unboxing products and reviews as part of your social media marketing strategy.

A / B Coupon testing

Have you ever thought about A/B coupon testing for your affiliate marketing programs? This is the latest and most effective way of testing your coupon conversions, and all affiliate marketers can benefit from it. Of course, you may try to check what will happen if you use this channel or type of post when starting. But A/B coupon testing is a step further: affiliate marketers choose two channels, two types of posts, two images, two products, and start analyzing the results. Boostiny can give you multiple codes for the same campaign to test freely and transparently; check your A/B coupon testing result to be your performance marketing platform. And the surprising part is that coupon testing isn’t complicated at all!

Use Coupon-based Tracking Platform

There is no doubt that the critical and essential factor that determines the success of any performance marketing initiative is tracking. Most affiliate marketing programs prefer the pay-per-sale model, and only with Boostiny can you easily track the activities happening on your coupon use. As an affiliate, you want to keep your efforts on the right track with minimum time to do the manual work of maintaining spreadsheets. Keep your efforts focused on your daily activities, and leave the heavy lifting on Boostiny. You can track campaign growth and analyze coupon performance from one dashboard. The benefits of Boostiny are endless, and every day our product development heroes are adding something new to make your performance marketing seamless and efficient. For any affiliate marketer looking for the best affiliate marketing platform in the MENA region and GCC, Boostiny has to be the go-to platform.

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