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5 Black Friday marketing strategies for your mobile apps Share via

Black Friday is just around the corner, and brands are scrambling to put their best foot forward and make the most of the shopping season. As shopping has moved to mobile devices significantly due to the pandemic, brands and retailers have to beef up their mobile app marketing strategy to benefit from the biggest shopping extravaganza. According to various research reports, more than 50 percent of the shopping during Black Friday last year was done on smartphones, and the number is only looking to increase this year. Hence it becomes imperative for brand marketers to get their marketing strategies for mobile apps on point and reach the customers where they are more likely to shop. This blog will discuss some of the best approaches brands should take to make it a fruitful season.

Incentivize mobile app users

To drive customers to download your mobile app and shop on it during this year’s Black Friday, brands should give them a reason to do so. They should offer special discounts to shoppers who are downloading the company’s app for the first time.  In addition, the brand should look to leverage the power of referral schemes. They should encourage their existing mobile app users to refer their app to friends and families and provide referral discounts. Experts feel that referral is an effective way to get new customers into your fold. Furthermore, marketers can also provide additional services like free shipping and easy returns on all orders placed through the mobile app.

Reward your loyal customer

As much as brands need to get new customers, keeping the existing shoppers interested in your products and services is equally vital. Black Friday provides an excellent opportunity for brands to acquire tons of new shoppers and tend to the shopping needs of the consumers who have already interacted with them in the past.  During the shopping frenzy, brand marketers should look at ways to reward their loyal customers; providing them exclusive access to discounts and promotions before anyone else or allowing them to get into the online store before the sale goes live for everyone will undoubtedly make them feel special. In addition, giving your existing mobile app users a chance to reserve a couple of items before the sale opens is a great way to coax customers to shop more.

Leverage push notifications

Retailers should use push notifications to regularly update their customers about the sales and promotions running at their online stores during Black Friday. This will help the brands build excitement around their products during the shopping season when the shoppers’ purchase intent is high. Moreover, marketers should create personalized notifications for the shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and shopping history. If the consumer has products lying in their carts, company’s should remind them about the products there and inform them if the item will run out of stock to keep the engagement high, resulting in a higher conversion rate. Effective push notifications during Black Friday should also include strategies to create a sense of urgency amongst the shoppers and keep them informed about the upcoming deals and offers.

Partner with social media influencers

Social media influencers, especially on Instagram and TikTok, among various other platforms, can help brands reach out to their audience and increase their app downloads. As we all know, during the shopping season, the consumers are bombarded with hundreds of advertisements and promotions, and they cannot recall each of them. To get through this hurdle, collaborating with social media influencers can help the brands immensely. For example, during Black Friday, influencers can create posts and stories promoting your products and present them in a way that makes them look authentic and at the same resonates well with their followers, directly impacting the sales of the brand. Besides, influencers can also do live sessions showcasing your deals and make unboxing videos of your goods for your customers.

Increase engagement with gamification

Retailers and brands should incorporate gaming capabilities in their mobile apps to keep the shoppers engaged and open the app more often. For example, during Black Friday and the subsequent shopping season, brands can run games like ‘wheel of fortune’ where the shoppers can win exciting deals and discounts by playing the games or completing the challenges and using those coupons to shop on the app. Gamification is a great way to increase the app’s usage and encourage repeat visits by the users. In addition, brands can come out with creative games like puzzles or riddles related to the company or the shopping season, in general, and keep the users hooked to their devices. The rewards earned by the shoppers boost the conversion and sales for the brands.

Apart from the point discussed above, brands should also look to provide app-only exclusive discounts to their customers, extend their Black Friday promotions on mobile app beyond the said day, launch email marketing, keep the app content up to date, and optimize their apps to achieve the best results during Black Friday and the following shopping season.

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