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5 retargeting mistakes every marketer should avoid Share via

Brands have been using remarketing tactics to increase their conversion rates and acquire new customers. The significance of this tool has grown with the accelerated adoption of e-commerce across the globe and plenty of brands now taking the online route to reach their potential customers. Remarketing helps the brands in many ways that ultimately improve their businesses’ health. But brands make some common retargeting mistakes while developing their targeting strategies, which would eventually mean a waste of time, resources, and opportunities. This blog will discuss brands’ top five retargeting mistakes and how avoiding them can improve the result.

Retargeting shoppers who have already shopped

One of the most common retargeting mistakes brands make is spending their marketing budget targeting shoppers who have already purchased the product. Why would a consumer be interested in watching the advertisement of the product they have already purchased? Since these customers will unlikely take any action on your retargeting campaign, brands will tend to lose their money on targeting the wrong audience. People who have converted recently should be excluded from all kinds of retargeting campaigns unless the brand is looking to upsell or cross-sell different products.

Random ad frequency

Marketers have to be very careful with the frequency of the advertisements shown to the potential audience while strategizing their retargeting campaign. If the frequency of the ad is too high, there are chances that it will put off the consumer’s interest in your brand and might project you as a brand that incessantly stalk their shoppers. Thus, too much targeting can harm your brand’s image more than good. On the other hand, if your retargeting frequency is too low, all your efforts may go in vain, as less frequency may not be able to generate enough awareness about the products and services in the shopper’s mind. According to many pieces of research, the ideal ad frequency should be around 15-20 impressions per month to get the best ROI out of your retargeting campaigns.

Failing to segment

Not segmenting your users and serving the same ads to all the consumers is not the right way to retarget. It is a significantly less efficient method. Hence, brands should segment their users based on their browsing behavior, repeat or new customers, and where they are in the funnel. For example, a user who abandoned the website after browsing only the homepage vis-à-vis a shopper who abandoned the cart needs a different retargeting approach, and one strategy for all will not prove fruitful. ReEngage, the remarketing platform from ArabyAds helps its partner segment users efficiently and helps them create retargeting strategies that will get maximum returns for the brands.

Not knowing where your customers are

Your retargeting campaign is bound to fail if you as a brand do not have clarity where your customers hang out the most on social media. For example, if you are a teen fashion brand and most of your target consumers spend much time on Instagram, investing your time and resources equally across every social media platform would be unwise. Instead, your retargeting will be more effective if you set your priorities right and target the platforms frequented mainly by your audience. Then, you can achieve the goals and objectives you have set out for your retargeting campaign. The better you know your audience, the better results you can expect from your retargeting strategies.

Stale retargeting creatives

For your retargeting ads to attract the consumers’ attention, it needs to be creative and should deliver a specific message so the user is not confused. But just showing the same advertisement again and again to the users will put them off, and the chances are that your click-through rates will decrease drastically. So marketers should keep renewing their creatives or use dynamic ad strategies to keep the campaigns fresh and keep the brand fresh in the minds of potential customers. Adding a relevant call-to-action button to your creatives will also help marketers achieve their goals through retargeting.

There is no doubt that remarketing technique delivers excellent benefits to the brands in their targeting campaigns, but brand marketers should be very clear about the goals and objectives they want to achieve. And they should try to avoid these common mistakes while devising their retargeting strategies, as these minor issues can significantly impact the outcome of their results. ReEngage, from ArabyAds, helps brands in the MENA region to sell more with a customized strategy for each stage of their customer journey with custom creatives. As a result, clients have seen around a 30 percent increase in conversion rates using advanced audience insights with ReEngage.

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