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Getting the right influencers for your campaign Share via

The most crucial aspect for any influencer marketing campaign undertaken by brands is to get the right influencer on board. If the influencer is not the right fit for your brand and the product, the whole exercise can prove futile.  So how will you decide who is the right influencer to take your marketing campaign to the next level? The brands will have to consider various aspects before onboarding the influencer for the campaign, which will, in turn, help them in making the correct decision.  Here, we will look at the right way for a brand to decide if the influencer fits their campaign.

Objective of the campaign

Before you set out on the path to find the right influencer for your campaign, as a brand, you should have a clear objective of what you want to achieve from the upcoming activity. Whether you wish to focus more on showcasing the pictures of the product or you are looking to create video content or an informative video, the requirement will change following the result you want to achieve. Once the objective is clear, the brands will have a better understanding of the influencer they need.

Target audience

 Besides the engagement rate, brands will also need to watch the followers’ profiles following the influencers. For example, brands will have to look at the followers’ demographics, age, and gender profiles to determine if they fall under their target consumers. In addition, the brands may have to look out for any specific criteria that might appeal to the following set of audiences. Again, the idea is to find the influencer whose followers will be interested in the brand’s products and services.

Genuine followers

 One of the significant challenges brands face during the influencer marketing campaign is identifying the influencers’ genuine follower numbers. Unfortunately, there have been various instances where the influencers inflated the followers’ numbers through dubious means. To find out if the number of followers is genuine, brands can scroll through the post’s comments section and check for any random comments, emojis, or pictures that are not related to the post. These comments are usually left on the posts by bots or AI-powered algorithms, inflating the influencers’ follower base and engagement rates. Also, check if the account is verified and looking for any previous brand collaborations in the segment will help. Finally, unless the post has gone viral, an extremely high number of likes and comments on the influencer posts should also raise the red flag.

Engagement rate

 One of the most critical aspects to consider while selecting an influencer for your campaign is analyzing the former’s engagement rate on their posts. Going just by the number of followers the influencer has will not be the proper criteria for selection. Engagement rate is a metric to understand the level of interactions that the social media post has received in the form of likes and comments.  So, if an influencer has fewer followers but a high engagement rate on their post than someone who enjoys a large following with less engagement, brands should take their chance with the former, which is more likely to succeed. The brands can use a dozen of social media posts of the influencers to gauge the average engagement rate.

Influencers engagement with their audience

It has become imperative for influencers to interact with their followers. This interaction helps in building the engagement rate on social media posts. In addition, the brand campaign will likely connect better if the influencer frequently replies to their posts and interacts with their audience.

Select the right platform

One of the ways brands can select the right influencers for their campaigns is by onboarding influencer marketing platforms that can help them with data like influencer analytics, influencer management tools, and comprehensive reports on the impact and reach of the campaigns. iConnect from ArabyAds is one such platform helping brands in the MENA region search influencer profiles that are best suited for brands across platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Getting the right influencer to collaborate for campaigns is the most critical aspect for the brands, and the success or the failure of the activity depends on it. Hence, keeping the above-mentioned points in mind would undoubtedly help the brands onboard the influencer best suited to their needs.



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