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Healthcare brands shouldn’t spend on MARKETING?? Share via

For a very long time, the health industry has been a very gray zone for marketers. To start with, who’s the subject here, the clinics or the patients? What is a conversion? How do marketers understand and respect the difference between the healthcare industry and other industries they used to handle.

Here are a few things you need to know before we tell you why marketing might be waste of money for the healthcare indusrty:

Healthcare has changed drastically in the past few years

In the past, the supply and demand of doctors and patients was different. There was an influx in patients and a few doctors and clinics that provide their services locally.

Nowadays, there are more doctors and clinics competing to reach a patient and build a trust relationship with. The doctor was the target, and now the patient is the target of clinics and doctors.

Patients are very active on social media

At least 22% of patients are either sharing their symptoms with their social networks or asking their friends and family for recommendations. In both cases, patients are active and are on the verge of booking an appointment only by clicking on a button.

Your competitors are on social media

Many doctors and healthcae providers are resisting the transformation to social media and digital marketing. The truth is that those are quite behind in their game. 60% of doctors who have been using social media have noticed that their communication with their patients has been enhanced, which reflected instantly on the quality of services they provide.

So why shouldn’t healthcare institutes spend on marketing?

Marketing is a tricky investment. No matter how much experience a professional has, there’s always an element of surprise, that’s the price for trial and error. Yet there are plenty of ways that healthcare companies and clinics can benefit from marketing and reach their target audience without investing blindly.

With risk-free lead generation, clinics and doctors can leverage the benefits of the marketing, without paying a cent on trials, RESULTS only.