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How are Nano Influencers creating a paradigm shift in digital advertising? Share via

Brands across the spectrum have started to understand the benefits of getting nano influencers on board for their influencer marketing campaigns. Apart from being a cost-effective marketing method, it also guarantees a better engagement rate than all the other categories of influencers.  Nano influencer is a social media influencer who has less than 10,000 followers. In this blog under the education series, we will explain the importance of nano influencers for any brand and why it is imperative to have them on board.


The importance of nano-influencers has increased manifold with the onset of the pandemic. The pandemic has forced the brands to cut down on their marketing expenses, increasing their reliance on the said influencers. Nano influencers are ideal for startups and low-budget players in the market as generally; they charge a fraction for their services compared to micro, macro, and celebrity influencers.  There is no fear of risking a high amount of money to get nano influencers on board for big brands as well. Hence, marketers can onboard multiple nano influencers for their campaign rather than spending a massive amount on getting a celebrity influencer.

Better engagement rate

Not only is being economical the major attraction for brands to work with these influencers, but the engagement rate they provide also surpasses the other influencers category by some margin across Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and YouTube. This factor makes the marketers of even big brands associate with nano influencers because the conversion rate, according to most research, is better than any other influencers category. For example, according to a Business Insider report, the average engagement rate of nano influencers on Instagram is about 4-5 percent compared to the 0.8-1.6 percent engagement rate of influencers with more than a million followers on the same platform.

A better understanding of followers

What makes nano influencers on social media a hot property is that they understand their followers more closely. Furthermore, since it is a niche following, it helps the influencers create content that their followers can resonate with.  Today, for brands to reach out to the niche audience with the targeted content is a must, and nano influencers successfully fulfill that need.

Authentic content

Since the social media feeds of nano influencers are yet not as commercially driven as those of macro and mega influencers, their content gives it a more authentic tone. The followers of this influencer set, as some reports suggest, take their content seriously and trust more on the formers’ knowledge about the subject matter. On the other hand, various research reports have shown that although influencers with following in millions can increase the reach of brands’ campaigns, there is no guarantee if their followers fall in the target consumer for the brand.

More invested in the brand

Unlike macro-influencers and celebrities, nano influencers are more invested in the brands they are working with.  They invest their time and energy in understanding the brand’s values they are associating with and can form a long-term relationship with them.  For brands, it becomes easier to manage the influencer and get the best out of them, which is not the case with influencers with millions of followers. Nano influencers also go the extra mile to create the content best suited for their followers and the brands.

The factors mentioned above have brought nano influencers in prominence as far as influencer marketing is concerned. However, till a few years back, the ability of the influencer to influence their audience was solely dependant on the number of followers they had. But now, with influencer marketing evolving with every passing day and taking center stage in the marketing world, influencer marketers have discovered various ways to reduce their dependence on macro and mega influencers. Therefore, if various research reports are to go by, the role of nano influencers will only get more significant in the influencer marketing space.


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