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How to Use Data to Personalize Content across Content Devices Share via

The need to offer Personalized Content to Consumers

A good salesman is one who knows the exact preferences of his customer and shows him only those products that he would be interested in and would end up buying. The online shopping world is no different and consumers only want to see what they are interested in. Let’s talk of our imaginary client, XYZ & Co who have a large chain of hotels that cater to customers of different budgets and preferences. Now, how does YYZ know which set of customers prefer which budget or have a preference for which amenity or location? To answer this the brand needs to know which other brands have been selected by this particular customer earlier. Which location or amenity he/she looks out for. Once these are answered, XYZ exactly knows which set of customers are most likely to opt for his property in that budget or location or with a particular amenity. When all this data is put together, marketers get a persona of their consumer. Once they know who can be a likely consumer, they pitch their products to these particular consumers and get better chances at converting them to be their customers. This filtering or segmentation of consumers helps brands to filter out consumers who are not likely to make a purchase or consume your product and eventually save a lot on Marketing spends.

How Data Management Platforms can help

While advertising their products, Brand not only need to consider the right channels or tactics to serve them, they also need to carefully segment the audience that is being targeted. A data management platform does exactly this for a Brand. The DMP analyses data, derives personas out of that data and then forecasts which persona of customers are most likely to convert with the Brand. Data management platform based advertising ensures that the audience targeted for a specific marketing initiative is a pre-identified segment of consumers who fit the persona that are likely to convert for the Brand.

How Data Analytics can be leveraged

With brands turning to smarter techniques of reaching out to consumers, all ensure that the right content is served to right audience across various devices. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is leveraged to define audiences. Data Analytics is then applied to model audience by way of segmenting them in groups that display similar purchase behavior.  Various market surveys have confirmed that consumers find personalized content more appealing and are more likely to consume it better.

91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them. – Accenture

This makes DMP very important for personalizing content. With proper data management platform and digital marketing, Brands can improve user growth and take the business to the next level!

Making sense out of Data

Building Primary Data and its Management is of utmost importance when it comes to Content personalization. Brands need three kinds of data:

  1. Data collected directly from own customers.
  2. Consumer Data from other related business
  3. Consumer data collected by data aggregators

Most consumer driven brands already have a DMP in their ecosystems and are leveraging it for content personalization at various content serving platforms are rather the best way to have higher conversion and Data Management platforms less bounce backs from consumers. Tailored customer experience can enhance conversions and bring an instant jump in resultant revenues. Brands taking advantage of this powerful tool are able to leverage customer behavioral data and hence effectively targeting apt user segments.

Role of Data Management Platforms

Most high level primary data management platforms or DMPs offer a wide range of services. They not only allow you to manage all your data from a single point, but also provide artificial intelligence and data analytics to segment that data in marketing useful pieces of information. Some such service providers even offer a lot more like connecting directly to your various marketing campaigns and also boosting marketing activation at various levels. Services that provide the entire ecosystem for persona based marketing can give high precision targeting for marketing of products.

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