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Performance Marketing strategies to boost your post-Black Friday sales Share via

By: Mohamed Nour

During the global outbreak in 2020, many physical stores wisely decided to move Black Friday online. As a result, more and more shoppers queued in virtual stores to avoid close contact and benefit from the shopping extravaganza from the safer environment of their homes. That caused a spike in online Black Friday traffic and resulted in a lot of sales revenues for e-commerce companies irrespective of the size of their business.

The fact that Black Friday is over doesn’t mean promotions end here. Note that Black Friday is only one of the many days to take advantage of hot deals, offers, and promotions. There is Cyber Monday which is just a few days after Black Friday. Online shoppers can still benefit from special offers from brands that run for the entire week, sometimes expanding to a whole month even after Black Friday. This blog will look at some tips and tricks to benefit from conversions after Black Friday.

Analyze Offer Outcomes

During Black Friday, affiliate marketers are busy executing the actions they had planned on their promotions. Therefore, it is crucial to analyze campaign results to check which offer ends with the best outcomes. Affiliate marketers should keep this information because it can be used for future campaigns. High traffic sources, most requested products, Geos, and many other factors are essential to look at; they can be used to decide whether to scale or limit the campaigns.

Retargeting Campaigns

Once shoppers place an order, all their data remains with the affiliate marketer and can be used anytime to retarget the same shopper. Affiliate marketers can retarget their previous online shoppers with different offers, hot deals, and special promotions to increase the conversion rate. Affiliate marketers can even retarget previous shoppers and their potential leads for other brands.

Lasting all through December

Black Friday is just the start of great deals from online retailers lasting all through December. So make sure to ask your Affiliate Account Manager at ArabyAds for active campaigns frequently. Publishing holiday deals on your sites and blogs regularly can build your page count and get affiliate marketers more organic traffic. So make sure to post as frequently as possible; the more often, the better, and then share. In addition, affiliate marketers can gain more fans and followers from the new content pages once the Facebook Fan widget is prominently positioned in the website’s layout.

Redefine Black Friday

Almost every brand starts over Black Friday in the same way with business-as-usual days: reduced price on limited products, promotional emails, and SMS, and then wait for the results. But there is a reason why only a few e-tailers continue winning even after Black Friday and others do not. They go above and beyond to redefine Black Friday. As most extended shopping happens on weekends only, some e-retailers create a win on Wednesday and turn it into a branded day that they call, for example, “Win on We.” Besides being fun and memorable, they offer customers gifts on this day. Try to redefine Black Friday and reuse the branded days concept.

Do coupons work after Black Friday?

Of course, they do. Most brands keep coupons on top of the Black Friday discounts at different rates, so shoppers can get deals to save even after Black Friday. In addition, online shoppers can check out the latest coupons unit by ArabyAds’s affiliate network across different online channels and select the best coupons from top brands.

Wrapping Up!

There are many special days, events, and pop-up sales post Blak Friday for affiliate marketers to take advantage of, and these provide them with an opportunity to help inform their audience and get great conversions. So don’t drop the ball after Black Friday. Instead, continue focusing on November and December to maximize your annual success.

We hope you liked our articles about how to maximize your Black Friday season affiliate promotions. If you would like to discuss any of these strategies, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you if you have any questions about maximizing your affiliate offers and the best marketing and social platforms leading up to Black Friday.

Affiliate marketers can use our powerful technology to manage any number of coupon codes. Boostiny’s coupon tracking system allows you to track and measure the performance of your deals and offers based on actual sales through coupon redemption and thus avoids the complexities and possible issues with last-click attribution tracking.

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