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Should Affiliate marketers work on newly launched e-commerce websites? Share via

For a very long time, affiliate programs and affiliate networks have been preoccupied with the idea of working with tycoons in the market. After all, it only makes sense since established brands: 

  1. Are already trusted and known to the end consumer 
  2. Have a huge inventory that serves the consumers needs 

Well, that’s not it. While on the surface this looks like an obvious cause, it really isn’t. Here are a few things affiliates often miss about newly launched e-commerce websites:

They have a great user experience

Although this is NOT a rule. It’s usually the case because many of these newly launched e-commerce websites are very aware of the consumers’ hesitancy to use them. A few years ago, developing a fully functioning user-friendly platform was a hassle, because project owners were not aware of the best practice. 

Today, experienced developers and companies are known in the market, and very reachable to project owners. So silly mistakes are easily avoidable nowadays. 

Their conversion rate is exceptional 

Apparently, users like to buy stuff on new platforms. Some studies have shown that users are always eager to start anything new. Our very own team actually noticed that in our newly launched exclusive client, Kul, which has an exceptional conversion rate of 5%. The average in the market is no more than 3%.

They often are a sub-company for a group 

Although this one is not a rule either, when it is true it is often an extra guarantee that their work is to be taken seriously. Large investors and groups are often very careful about their image and determined to provide a good brand image, even for their newborn companies. 

Their discounts naturally attract consumers

Any new project must have an edge to add to the market. Discounts are the obvious competitive edge e-commerce companies can offer consumers. Which works perfectly for affiliates who rely mainly on discount coupons to convert users into buyers.


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