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These 3 remarketing techniques can increase your brand’s conversion rate Share via

Remarketing is a form of digital marketing where marketers serve ads to consumers based on their previous interactions on the brand’s platform. The benefit of remarketing is that it effectively targets users who have already shown some interest in the brand, and hence it becomes easier to convert them. For instance, you look for a shoe on a fashion website and even like one and check its details, but decide not to buy it at that moment. Later on, you browse another website, but the ad for that shoe keeps appearing on the screen. That is how remarketing works, where the brand’s objective is to persuade the consumer, who has shown an intent to buy the product, to complete the transaction

But getting the remarketing strategy right is crucial for brands to increase the conversion. Significant effort goes into creating a successful campaign, and its success depends on how closely the brands understand their existing and potential customers.  This blog will talk about various remarketing techniques brands should implement to increase their conversion rate.

Audience Segmentation

Segmentation of the audience is the key to a successful remarketing campaign. Brands will have to segment their audience based on their interactions on their platform to take action accordingly. For example, some users will have minimum interaction on the brand’s website and leave the site as soon as they enter, while another set of users will spend a reasonable amount of time browsing the website. In addition, some users will click on various website pages to know more about the products and services on offer. And then, there will be users who will undertake the conversion journey but will abandon the cart or quit before making a purchase. Each set of customers displays a different level of purchase intent, and the brand will have to target every category of the user uniquely. Brands should invest their resources towards the user category which has shown maximum intent to purchase but changed their mind at the last moment.

Remarketing for Cart Abandonment

One of the significant issues e-commerce businesses around the globe face is that of a considerable percentage of cart abandonment by shoppers. Shoppers can abandon their shopping cart for many reasons, like looking for a better discount coupon, checking deals on another website, or leave to complete the transaction later. Whatever may be the reason, it creates a massive headache for online companies. But with remarketing techniques, brands can reduce the impact of cart abandonment by increasing the conversion.

Brands should reach out to the consumers by reminding them that their shopping cart is still waiting for them, and they should come back and complete the transaction. If that doesn’t work, brands should try to incentivize buyers to complete the transaction. The cost of acquiring a new customer is very high, and hence marketers should try to hold on to their potential customers in any way.  With the help of analytics and knowing which products the customer has put in their shopping carts, brands can also create deals on individual products and reach out to the customers enticing them to buy on your platform.

Targeting Existing Customers

Any business will flourish when the first-time customers become repeat customers. As a result, companies will have to strategize to get their customers to shop repeatedly on their platforms. Additionally, they will need to add new consumers to their fold as well, continuously. But since there is a high cost associated with acquiring new customers, brands should use their remarketing strategy efficiently to connect with their existing buyers. Brands can target them by sending them e-mails and notifications about the product they have purchased from them in the past. They can also invite their previous customers, who have not shopped with the brand in a while,  to visit their platform and check the new products and services that are on offer. Enticing regular and loyal shoppers with tailor-made offers and services is also an effective remarketing technique that helps to increase the conversion rate. Furthermore, marketers should convince their clientele to opt-in for their paid services.

Overall, remarketing is considered a cost-effective marketing tool that significantly helps brands achieve a higher conversion rate if done efficiently. In addition, it also helps to increase the brand awareness of the brands apart from catching the attention of the potential customers.

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