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Tips for scaling your e-commerce business this Black Friday Share via

With the pandemic on the back burner, e-commerce brands are optimistic that customers in the MENA region will shop more during this year’s Black Friday event, as the shopping fest gives them a chance to buy the product at heavy discounts – for which they have been saving throughout the year. Of late, consumers in the MENA region have started to search for more coupons, better deals, and hefty discounts during Black Friday – one of the critical factors in attracting such enormous spending. Therefore, the number of deals and discounts brands can offer will significantly influence the shopping decision of consumers this time around as well.

But brands must understand that Black Friday is not only about providing discounts –  there are a lot of other factors that contribute to the success of your business during the shopping season. So let us look at some essential tips to help you scale your e-commerce business effortlessly during the most sought-after shopping period.

Strengthen your infrastructure

To make the most of the Black Friday shopping rush, brands must ensure that they have tested their website for additional footfalls. Because if your site fails to load or lags in performance, you are going to lose significant business as well as loss of reputation. Hence, ensure you are ready to handle the consumer rush efficiently and cater to them seamlessly.

Be in front of your shoppers

The competition your brand will face during this year’s Black Friday will be enormous. As the awareness for Black Friday is increasing with every passing year, more and more brands are aggressively participating in the shopping festival with great vigor. So your brand and product must be in front of potential shoppers looking to buy. Otherwise, they will happily shop from your competitor. Therefore, optimize your brand’s online presence through relevant keywords and content so that you reach your customer whenever they are looking for you.

Manage inventory efficiently

Plan your inventory so that when the consumers come looking for the product, they find it, rather than returning empty-handed because you have run out of stock. It would help if you did a predictive analysis of the demand for your fastest-moving product so that you can serve your customers without a hiccup. Running out of products is the easiest way to lose your hard-earned customer.

 Be flexible with your offers

Rather than just sticking to discounts that you offered your customers at the beginning of the sale event, be ready to tweak the deals every now and then, depending on the shopping trends. This will build curiosity amongst the shoppers while allowing you enough room to strategize your sales strategy. In addition, the move can help get shoppers to engage more with the brands and create a sense of urgency to grab the prevailing offer, resulting in higher sales.

Seamless checkout

Brands should ensure customers can check out seamlessly during Black Friday shopping. The site should perform at its best to avoid cart abandonment, a severe loss of sale issue. The shopping site should also be user-friendly, and the coupons should be easily accessible to make the customers shop quickly.

Work on customer reviews

E-tailers should focus on getting positive reviews from their customers and leverage those to their benefit. If you have positive and authentic feedback, new users are more likely to convert and help you to have a blockbuster Black Friday season.

The growing awareness about shopping events like Cyber Monday and Single Days, which rake in massive moolah for retailers globally, has also increased the relevance of Black Friday in the MENA region. Hence, it is not only about Black Friday in MENA but also about shopping events like Single’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year that demand the attention of the e-commerce brands here.