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Top video marketing trends to look out for in 2022 Share via

Video marketing has become one of the top marketing tools for marketers and advertisers to reach their audiences and improve sales. Some stats suggest that YouTube has reported around 30 percent more views on its video platform, while more than 50 percent of consumers consume more video content on social media channels. And they are not just consuming influencers or entertaining videos, but they are also seriously looking into videos from their favorite brands. More than 70 percent of e-commerce companies plan to increase their video marketing budgets to latch on to the video craze. But just creating videos is not enough to catch the attention of your audience; marketers need to keep up with the latest trends and strategize accordingly to get the best out of their marketing activity. This blog will look at some of the most anticipated video marketing trends for 2022 that will help marketers and advertisers create in-vogue content.

Live Videos

Live videos shot to extreme prominence due to the pandemic when in-person events and experiences came to a screeching halt. It rose to the occasion and helped brands connect with their customers when no other alternative was available. And the impact of live video is such that what started as a stop-gap measure has become a mainstay in the video marketing landscape. Whether it is an influencer promoting some brands or a music artist holding their rock concerts, everyone has started to utilize this method and reach out to their respective stakeholders safely and efficiently. Corporates are doing press conferences through live videos, while e-commerce marketplaces are aggressively using this service to promote live-streaming shopping. According to research, consumers on Facebook consume live videos 3X more than the pre-recorded videos, giving an insight into the medium’s popularity. Experts feel that even if the world returns to normal, live video will not go anywhere soon.

Social media stories

Social media stories are also an excellent way for brands to keep their audiences engaged and generate better results from the campaign. These short video stories create a more personal touch with the audiences than any other video content. Therefore, creating casual and engaging content works significantly well for the brands. What makes this medium so attractive is the ability for marketers to make the stories interactive by adding polls, questions, or AMA sessions for the viewers. Brands can also ask the users to tag them in their stories to show how customers use your products. This video marketing technique has picked up pace in recent times, and it will only get more popular in 2022 and beyond.

Short videos

Another video marketing trend that has captured the fancy of marketers is the growing popularity of short videos or videos that are under 60 seconds or so. The rise in the consumption of short videos has made Instagram reels and TikTok videos so famous, and the videos on these two social media platforms work the best because of this. As consumers juggle multiple things in their day-to-day lives, they cannot spend much time watching a longer video. So, for brands, short videos are one of the best modes to reach out to customers. According to the latest research, 68 percent of viewers watch the entire video if the duration of the video is less than 60 seconds. The number drops sharply as the length of the video increases. Therefore, providing quick solutions to a specific problem, life hacks, or videos promoting a particular product feature works well to engage the users.

User-generated video content

The authenticity and trust associated with user-generated content are like gold dust for brands trying to convince their target audience to become their customers. Moreover, various researches have shown that users overwhelmingly trust user-generated content; while over 80 percent of consumers feel user-generated content is more trustworthy, around 70 percent find the content authentic and appealing. Therefore, brand marketers should look out for consumers who are loyal to their brand and partner with them to create brand advocates. And then share their video content showcasing your products through your social media channels. Over time, the more brand advocates you have, the more content you will build and then leverage it to increase brand awareness, brand trust, and eventually sales.

AR/VR videos

Although there have been many talks about how augmented reality and virtual reality is the next big thing in video marketing and how they will change the dynamics of the marketing industry, not much has happened till now on the usage of these technologies. But with 5G technology getting ready for mass adoptions that will significantly improve mobile internet speeds, brands have started creating AR/VR video content and have seen encouraging responses from the customers. What looked like a practice limited to a few big brands is now fast gaining acceptance amongst brands of various sizes. Retail stores, healthcare, gaming companies are prime examples of how brands provide superior virtual experiences by using AR and VR in their video marketing activities. In 2022 we expect the usage of AR/VR video content to increase and be amongst the top video-marketing strategies for many brand marketers.

Over the last few years, video content consumption has sky-rocketed, leaving behind text content, and with better access to technologies and faster internet speeds, it would not be wrong to say that videos will rule the digital marketing and advertising landscape. As a result, brands will have to keep up with emerging video marketing trends to efficiently reach out to their customers and generate desired results from their marketing campaigns.

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