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Why consider performance marketing for your next campaign Share via

By: Mohamed Nour

No matter how big your brand is, launching a new product line always comes with many doubts regarding its success or failure. According to Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen, over 30,000 new products are launched every year, and 95 percent fail. However, everyone is looking for a successful product launch, and affiliates could come to the brand’s rescue through various performance marketing strategies. Top affiliates can help you select the best marketing channel to promote your product to their audience. Moreover, super-affiliates have all the targeting tools for customers that a brand marketer would undoubtedly be interested in. Now let us look at the factors that suggest why you should consider affiliate marketing for your next product launch.

Low budget

Launching a new product requires a good deal of time, money, and energy. Product launch involves mixed resources from you to make it happen the right way. For example, you want to launch a new fashion brand for active sportswear. You have sorted out the material, designs, supply chain, and every aspect required to launch the product. But how would you generate high demand from shoppers to try your new product? Or how will you spread the word among your audience without involving costly ads? This is where affiliates come into the picture. Only affiliates can spread the word and promote your products. Affiliates introduce your product via their marketing channels at no cost. Once an affiliate’s audience turns into customers and buys your product, you pay the affiliate as per the agreed payment arrangement.

Broad audience

Your followers will turn into loyal followers once they start trusting the offers shared by the client. It’s not easy to build trust between brands and consumers because they have a perception that there is something hidden in that offer. Trust after a while turns into actual sales. Affiliates have multiple channels, like coupon websites or social media fan pages. They share promo codes with their audience offering extra discounts on the original deal. Chances of success depend on more affiliates you can work with and have win-win promotions for users.

Things to keep in mind to boost a new campaign?

There are a few strategies brands need to be aware of; high-quality published content by brands combined with attractive payout models will encourage affiliates to work with you.

The right affiliate

Audiences get influenced by affiliates when affiliates become trustworthy after their audience tries to follow their promotions for a specific brand or product. Therefore, work with affiliates that most relate to your industry or niche to promote your products.

Quality content

Explain to affiliates what your offer, promotion, or product is all about, so they can directly help you to meet your objectives. Provide affiliates with visuals and high-quality content, even personalized content with their coupon so they can share it with their community or audience. When it comes to content, you can use unlimited tools and options for content creation. Make it easy to share on different affiliate platforms and quick to click with your audiences.

Payouts for affiliates

The critical question here is why should affiliates promote your new product launch campaign? Or, in another way, what you will give them in return when they influence new customers to buy your product. Brands can offer affiliates attractive payouts; well-calculated incentives will attract affiliates like a percentage of sales or a fixed amount of money per sale.

Marketing during holidays

Choose the right time to launch your new product campaign, to reach as many users as possible. Benefit from holidays and summer seasons and schedule your marketing calendar according to hot seasons. Start creating themed content related to specific holidays and share it with your affiliates on Boostiny by adding the related information in campaign details. For example, Valentine’s Day will be the perfect time to offer good deals and promotions for couples. Brands need to create relevant content, offer details, and then share it with affiliates to attract the right target audience without missing the year’s biggest event.

Select the best performance marketing platform

Using the best performance marketing platform will help both brands and affiliates increase their revenue by getting more sales for their products. Use the right performance marketing platform to make your affiliate program available for affiliates. Boostiny from ArabyAds can help you list your affiliate marketing program and track sales coming from affiliate marketing. Manage your new product campaign launch easily and get access to hundreds of top affiliates across the middle east, GCC, and worldwide. With Boostiny, brands can efficiently monitor, track performance, and calculate payouts. Make it a successful campaign launch involving affiliates from many countries to promote your product.

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