How to launch the simplest affiliate marketing program in 3 Days!

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  • Zayneb Badr
  • September 14, 2020

When you start preparing for a new quarter and mark your website’s workability check, product strategy check, and affordable prices check.


It isn’t over. Your competitors are walking one step ahead. They’re attracting your audience to traffic, click and purchase with great deals and ad placements. 

They’re going for an affiliate marketing strategy.

Although lots of professionals are foreseeing letting someone else promote your business’s products is illogical. 

Yet, Affiliate marketing is benefiting a lot of businesses, including your competitors by reaching

 the targeted audience faster, convert them into buyers at small costs.


But before digging in further, let us tell you briefly what is affiliate marketing?


In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is the process where affiliates publish marketing materials for companies for advertising purposes and earn commissions in return. Whilst companies receive deliveries of sales and actions agreed on tracked by systems or third parties’ technologies.


It’s a risk-free solution that can boost your business’s reputation among the right audience. Plus the solution is cost-effective and can rapidly increase your traffic and sales.


Captivated? Know how to launch your affiliate program in 3 DAYS!!!

Day Zero: Picking the program

Usually, it starts with deciding what method and technology you’re going to control the strategy with and how you’re going to calculate commissions and monitor your analysis. 

Too much hassle?  In a lot of cases, having a third party to function all that for you is a time and effort saver. 

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Day One: Deciding the program’s structure

You need a team. At least from one up to three members to manage the program properly in terms of tasks, execution period. In addition to that the more affiliates you use the more affiliate managers, you’ll need in your team.


Every business has its terms and conditions and based on it a system of cookie lengths, policies,  commissions, and payments are being decided. So, you’ll need to decide how your affiliate program will be running.


Day Two: Prepare your promotional materials

Now here lies the core of the process, if you’re not going to have a third party interfering to facilitate the process with affiliates then you must get ready for reviewing quality and help affiliates with their promotional materials like images that can be used as banners and designs, proper brief about your product.


Day three: Execute your affiliate funnel

After preparing the promotional material, go one step further with testing your funnel and process first before starting to distribute and publish your program.

And there you go the simplest launch in 3 Days

Insider tips? Here’re the three main points you need to know!

If you want your affiliate marketing journey to quip as a successful one, then ultimately focus on:

  • Choose your network of affiliates wisely

Don’t start your affiliate program without having a network of affiliates. Find suitable ones with the most suitable audience for your business.

Or better yet, choose an expert agency and save yourself from the hassle.

Agencies usually have a dedicated team that can manage affiliates and direct them and facilitates the process from A to Z.

  • Put together an onboarding brief

Let your team marketers or the third party adjust the onboarding brief that would motivate affiliates’ work and understand what results you are expecting and how they’re going to achieve it. Also, include a payment process in an agreed timeline so none of any parties would find troubles communicating later on.

  • Nurture your assets that will help affiliates

Keep solid assets at a finger click for your affiliates. Understand what they’re going to need beforehand and prepare it for spare times.

  • Don’t neglect your sale’ customers

  The best part about affiliate marketing is one word. Sale. Now, that you have an affiliate advocating your product, use that first sale launch in the best way possible. Because that sale customer you’ll have is going to be a valued customer later on.

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The Takeaway!

We assure you! We have a specially tailored shortcut for your business. Our affiliate marketing program guarantees a risk-free.

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I started working with Arabyads during my time at Citi UAE (2017-2018). The biggest challenge at the time was to grow the digital business within a media mix where most sources were nearing saturation. As such, finding lead sources that would allow us to hit digital sales targets became no easy task. ArabyAds were a consistently solid partner who allowed to scale up the business by delivering significant volumes of quality leads.

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