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6 Points to why an affiliate network /affiliate agency is the way to go! Share via

Affiliate marketing became a buzzword in the last few years, as many businesses and brands have resorted to an affiliate agency or an affiliate network to implement the marketing model as part of their marketing plan. What is so special about this marketing scheme is that businesses pay for performance and actual results, which ensures that investing in this scheme is less risky than traditional schemes. 

 The mechanism of it is as follows: businesses pay an affiliate agency, an affiliate network or publishers a certain commission to market the business’s products or services using their own resources (such as websites, blogs..etc).

 This means that businesses can actually expand their marketing department (from a business perspective) and get more sales or leads without having to have a huge budget. 

There are many reasons why businesses should use Affiliate Marketing, and this article summarizes them in a few points.

  • Saves Money

As mentioned in the introduction, Affiliate Marketing saves money in terms of paying an affiliate agency or an affiliate network for results only. This basically means that an agency performing affiliate marketing for its clients will only charge the client for the results the client wanted from the start, not for the whole campaign. If a company desires to have an x amount of sales of their product, the company will only pay for the x amount of sales they got from the Affiliate Marketing campaign rather than the whole campaign itself. 

  • People Trust People They Know

Consumers and buyers in general trust the recommendations of publishers or websites they have used before. In turn, using Affiliate Marketing guarantees that brands can get the exposure they need through affiliates who use all of their resources in order to market for these brands. 

  • Save Your Time 

Marketing a business is one of the most important aspects when managing one. However, it can be a time-consuming process, since it requires a lot of monitoring and analysis. Therefore, Affiliate Marketing can come in handy in such cases, since you don’t have to spend all of your time coming up with the most suitable marketing strategy or having to invest in a bigger team; all of this is handled for you from A to Z. 

  • More Relevant Traffic 

Since affiliates market-specific brands and products, websites will have the traffic that is relevant to their business. In other words, a company working in the food industry will get traffic from affiliates who have resources linked to that particular industry, not those who are initially interested in fashion or cars instead.

  • Increases SEO Ranking

Working with affiliates who market your brand means there are multiple websites, blogs and pages which contain backlinks to your brand. This in turn enhances your SEO and organic visibility, which in turn reflects on your search ranking. 

  • Higher ROI when Done Right

Since Affiliate Marketing focuses on charging you for real results and on maximising your profit, this leads to having a high Return on Investment, where whatever you invest in this form of marketing, you receive a lot of gains since this scheme isn’t that risky.

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