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ArabyAds doubles e-commerce transactions powered in 2021 to 12 million. Sets record sales once again for Black Friday in the MENA region. Share via

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Dubai, February 2, 2022: ArabyAds, the leading technology company in the MENA region, has once again reported a record-breaking Black Friday season in 2021, delivering robust growth for its partners across the region. The company clocked over $210 million in gross merchandise value (GMV) for its partners, recording 100% growth compared to Black Friday sales in 2020. Headquartered in Dubai, ArabyAds helps advertisers to acquire new customers, re-engage with existing customers, and drive customer monetization.

Riding on the success of its DMP backed platforms that leverage audience intelligence to enable transactions, ArabyAds delivered over 12 million e-commerce transactions for advertisers in 2021, merging the gap between advertising and performance.

The company has been investing in new technologies akin to its global counterparts to strengthen digital advertising in the region. Earlier in 2021, ArabyAds acquired Dmenta – the leading creative digital hub that specializes in influencer marketing, an acquisition that came soon after ArabyAds acquired AdFalcon – the region’s 1st programmatic marketing platform. The company also forged advertising partnerships with Oracle and Huawei Ads to leverage contextual targeting and on-device mobile advertising, respectively.

Speaking on the success of Black Friday, Mahmoud Fathy, CEO & Co-founder of ArabyAds, said, “I am extremely proud of how we have been successfully leveraging technology to build value for e-commerce stakeholders in the MENA region. The commendable growth that we delivered in 2021 and during the latest edition of Black Friday speaks volumes of our understanding of the consumers in this region, which makes us the platform of choice for the leading e-commerce partners in their journey.”

“We started 2021 by laying a stronger foundation and strengthening our platforms, partnerships, and the leadership team. We were confident that 2021 would be a much bigger opportunity and aligned to deliver strong growth successfully. The results reaffirm our belief in the market, and I would like to thank our partners for their continued support. We would continue to invest in technology and strengthen the platforms to deliver more solid growth,” Fathy further said.

Talking about the successful association with ArabyAds during Black Friday Sales, 2021, Ankit Bansal, Head of Digital Marketing E-Commerce, 6thStreet, said, “We are thankful to the ArabyAds team for their efforts. Our topline GMV achieved via the influencer marketing from ArabyAds is the highest we have ever done in our relationship together. I am really excited about what we can achieve together in the next year for the business.”

The Black Friday season saw demand coming across several categories. Electronics and fashion categories led the show during the Black Friday season 2021 on the ArabyAds platform, generating the bulk of sales, followed by FMCG, Healthcare, and Beauty as a category. In addition, products such as Apple iPhone 11, Bluetooth earphones, wooden board games witnessed high demand on the technology platform as consumers in the region geared up for the event.

The MENA region also showcased a healthy business representation from countries, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leading the show significantly, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Egypt – the other two heavyweights in the e-commerce space in the region. While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed over 45 percent to overall sales on the ArabyAds platform, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt combined to generate over 20 percent of sales. Moreover, consumers from other countries in the GCC also showed assertive purchase behavior during the sales event, increasing their overall contribution a notch higher than the previous editions.


About ArabyAds

ArabyAds is a global technology company that empowers e-commerce marketing. It offers multiple digital advertising platforms across different touchpoints of a brand's journey in a customer lifecycle ranging from customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Headquartered in Dubai, ArabyAds was founded in 2013 to leverage innovation and deliver measurable results to its advertisers with data-led, transparency first & omnichannel marketing.

Entrepreneur Middle East recognized ArabyAds as “The best e-commerce marketing platform 2021”. In 2023, ArabyAds was recognized as the “Marketing platform of the year” by the Mobile Marketing Association MMA MENA.

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