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EQ2 Ventures Invests in ArabyAds Share via

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ArabyAds, MENA’s one-stop-shop for performance marketing solutions, has successfully raised its Round-A of investments from Equitrust (the investment arm of EQ2 Ventures), which acquired an undisclosed stake in the company for USD 6.5 million. The company has been operating in the UAE and GCC markets since 2013, with offices in both Egypt and Dubai.

ArabyAds’ market knowledge, unique platform and deep understanding of the Arabic audience, truly sets it apart from the competition.

It offers advertisers the opportunity to benefit from various performance-based marketing solutions, following one of the strongest and most effective marketing models: Pay Per Results. Results can be leads, actions, sales, installs, and/or calls.

ArabyAds’ philosophy is to help its business partners predict and measure the return on their ad spend. Moreover, it allows them to grow their sales whilst keeping marketing spend under control.


Investment Rationale

Patrick Thiriet, Chief Strategy Officer, EQ2 Ventures, commented on the investment: “We are excited to partner with ArabyAds, a company that was able –with no external funding so far- to quickly emerge as a market leader in MENA’s fast-growing performance marketing industry. There are many synergies to explore and implement, both with Equitrust’s other portfolio companies and with EQ2 Ventures’s unique advertising footprint in the region. We are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration, which shall ultimately benefit many consumer-facing industries, such as e-commerce, real estate, automotive and health & beauty.”

On the other hand, Mahmoud Fathy, CEO of ArabyAds, commented on the company’s first fund raise: “We are looking forward to strengthening our brand, and to gain access to more regional clients that are looking to boost their sales through advertising. Although our organic growth has been rather a stellar year on year, Arabyads had reached a stage where a capital injection was needed to expand further and continue delivering new solutions to regional advertisers. What we needed was the right partner, and EQ2 Ventures emerged quite naturally as a name of choice.”


ArabyAds Solutions

ArabyAds serves performance marketing through 3 main solutions:

Influencer Marketing: a full hassle-free influencer marketing service that starts with matching the brand with the right influencers, and ends up with a “Results-Based Payment” model.
Affiliate Marketing: ArabyAds connects brands to affiliates’ publishing destinations in a controlled environment, where they get real-time performance reports and pay per action or result. This solution is powered by one of the world’s most advanced tracking systems.
Lead Generation: run fully in-house by Arabyads, this service allows advertisers to buy the KPIs they expect (qualified leads, app installs, new subscribers, confirmed orders, etc.) at a pre-agreed price.

ArabyAds has delivered its performance marketing solutions to more than 450 clients so far, including Landmark, Emaar, VLCC, Flyin, Etihad Airways, as well as most of the large MENA e-commerce players, such as:, Namshi, Jumia, Wadi,, etc. During the 2018 Black Friday alone, Arabyads’ generated over USD $60-million in sales for its clients, mostly in e-commerce, health & beauty and real estate.


About EQ2 Ventures

As the leading media representation group in the Middle East, EQ2 Ventures is a company built from the ground up over the past 43 years. Today, the Group’s companies not only market, but also manage the advertising space of 31 television stations, 16 print titles, 12 radio stations, cinemas, web portals as well as the largest network of outdoor signs in the GCC. EQ2 Ventures operates in 10 markets covering the MENA region, Europe and Japan, and ensures the best support for its regional and international clients through its extensive network of 12 subsidiaries, 4 representative offices, and more than 800 committed professionals.

About ArabyAds

ArabyAds is a global technology company that empowers e-commerce marketing. It offers multiple digital advertising platforms across different touchpoints of a brand's journey in a customer lifecycle ranging from customer acquisition, retention, and monetization.

Headquartered in Dubai, ArabyAds was founded in 2013 to leverage innovation and deliver measurable results to its advertisers with data-led, transparency first & omnichannel marketing.

Entrepreneur Middle East recognized ArabyAds as “The best e-commerce marketing platform 2021”. In 2023, ArabyAds was recognized as the “Marketing platform of the year” by the Mobile Marketing Association MMA MENA.

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