E-commerce Industry: 5 steps to develop the best captivating customer experience (CX).

  • Zayneb Badr
  • May 21, 2020

The status of the e-commerce world during COVID-19.

On the 8th of April, The Economist stated that our responses to this pandemic are accelerating a quick adoption of new technologies and business ideas, which is doubling the digital efforts made by existing businesses.


It’s clear now that the purchasing behavior has changed. And soon after fading to normal life we are probably going to prefer digital over in-person activity. 

That will perform a big opportunity for small and big businesses to expand their digital presence to regulate such change.


Customer Experience (CX) is now a main decisive player.

Let’s set this once and for all. Would you wait more than 10 seconds until a page load? Did we hear a no? Because 50% of consumers do abandon websites before the counter is complete! 

That’s what customer experience is all about. Customers expect decent compelling digital experiences and the more they experience from digital properties, the more engagement the platform will get. Fortunately, there’s a lot of components you can add to your platform to garnish your customer experience and we have picked you a track for you to walk carefully to apply for better customer experience.


5 steps to develop a captivating customer experience for your e-commerce platform


1- Evaluate your current website state


Start by looking at the health of your website. Ensure the workability of your technology and its values.  Then start thinking about:

  • Competitors

You don’t copy competitors. You keep a cautious eye on them. How do they give out their brand experience? How do they position what they sell? What do they do in regard to tactics and tools to increase their retention and conversion rates?


  • Mobile readiness for traffic

There’s a continuous rise in mobile e-commerce traffic. That makes experiencing the details of checking out and payment options very important on various mobile devices to make sure there’s no fraud in that process.

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2- Enhance your conversion 


Platforms that have been in the industry for long are already having a good amount of traffic which means they can audit and perform a conversion rate optimization (CRO). 

It may be the right time to review your web analytics to spot new learnings about the customer’s journey on your website such as carts, categories analytics, and bounce rates. You can extract that data for a looking-ahead perspective.  Then start thinking about: 

  •  Clear Call To Actions (CTAs)

Clear CTAs must provoke the customer to act on your message in a maximum of four words. You can depend on active verbs, intriguing designs, and personalizing the motivation of shopping.

If you’re confused about it, A/B test it. Feel free to A/B test your CTAs to explore what converts best.

  •  Product categories

How do you lead your customer after visiting your homepage? Do you categorize your products according to your customer’s perception? Consistently ask these questions and see how applicable it is for a user to find what they want/need for better usability.

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3- Create an SEO strategy


First of all, it is never too late to start the SEO process from scratch or optimize it for more valuable and qualified leads. It is an undeniably effective process for a better improvement in shoppers’ digital experience. In fact, without SEO, it is probably hard for shoppers to find you easily on any search engine. Hence, always keep room for optimization. Then start thinking about:

  • On-page SEO

Put the spotlight on optimizing your internal individual pages on your website in order to increase their ranking properly.

  • Local SEO

Honestly, the “near me” keyword deserves a reward. People search for products near them on a geographic search. Start claiming your google business listing first and work on your just-in-time search engine after.

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4- Merge with Social media


Consistency is key. Your customers are everywhere so follow them everywhere. Implement a multi-channel strategy that enriches your intentional branding, messaging, community, and feeling. Go the extra mile with a chatbot or a messenger chat to receive their questions and complaints. 

We believe with Facebook supporting small businesses with the new shopping feature, it’s going to boost the marketplace to another level. 


Then start thinking about: 

  • Email marketing

Replace the generic “hi” in your emails with the first name formula and you’ve got a new lead just by the subject. A good email structure with a personalized subject can retain, attract, and convert a customer. 

  • Paid Ads

Have you ever landed on a site that looks like it was talking directly to you? Well, one of the great results of paid ads is targeting the right audience so they feel like ads are tailored for them. Retargeting ads are even more surprising with retaining and reactivating some customers’ accounts successfully. Not to mention the help of a landing page that gives the customers a clear and provoking call to action.

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5- Gear up with a variety of content 


What is a website without content really? The main mission of the content is to put value to your essence and create authority and community with it along with other things. 

On-site content, push notifications, texts, posts, and many types of content that keep your website’s visitors coming back. Then start thinking about: 

  • Blogging

Use your blog to create a space for educational and informative content that will educate your audience about what you offer, sell, and believe in. In a nutshell, give them the 360 digital experience about your website.

  • User-generated content

This is an element you can push and not push at the same time, as its authenticity remains in how spontaneously it’s coming from your customers. But when it does, it adds powerful social proof about your platform which reflects on the shoppers’ intentions to experience your website.

  • Video content

Videos can tell a story. Whether it is created for reciting your own platform’s story or reciting a product review and how-tos. Both work magic.

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If you need a performance marketing or affiliate marketing program yet, contact us to manage a tailored program that will benefit your business! 

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