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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Influencer Marketing Share via

Influencer Marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies that have become quite popular in the MENA Region (currently a $15 billion industry) and is expected to grow by 50% this year (2020) in most Arab countries. Since it is becoming a booming industry, common mistakes emerge, causing campaigns not to reach their full potential and even worse at times, cause them to fail. 

In this article, we list and explain the most common influencer marketing mistakes in order to avoid them in future campaigns.


Influencer Mismatching

One of the most common mistakes many brands commit is choosing influencers who are not that relevant to their brand’s voice or image. Just because an influencer produces some content that is similar to a brand’s industry and has many followers does not automatically mean that he/she is the perfect fit. There are many other factors to put into mind, such as engagement rate, or as well as the type of content that can convey the brand’s voice naturally.


Pressuring Influencers by Giving Limited Time

While it is understandable that many brands have to keep up with the fast-paced environment they function in, giving stringent and unrealistic deadlines to influencers can affect the quality of the content they deliver to their followers. Creativity and subtleness need some time to come into effect, and when giving very strict deadlines, influencers don’t have room to create quality content. 

This does not mean giving influencers unlimited time, but giving a flexible timeframe to deliver would help a lot. 


Vague Objectives or KPIs

Every campaign should have clear objectives or KPIs that can measure its effectiveness later, and when influencers are the ones mainly in charge of the campaign, how will brand owners evaluate their campaigns? Some brands forget that influencers aren’t marketers, and they do not really understand the relevance of some social media metrics for instance. Therefore, it is quite important to introduce the influencer to the most important KPIs and what they should pay attention to.


Not trying other Social Media Platforms

Not having an online presence on one social media platform should encourage brands to target influencers who possess a better presence on these platforms instead of utilizing the same platform they’re visible in. Brands can think of it as increasing their outreach and getting more exposure to new platforms to save the first step towards investing in a new platform in the future.


Poor Communication and Understanding

When approaching influencers, there needs to be some kind of initiation of a human connection. After all, influencers are not robots who do not appreciate warm conversation starters. 

Personalizing emails or any form of communication with influencers initially makes them more comfortable in replying and helping brands achieve their goals.

Influencer Marketing can be very rewarding when done right. Find out more about it through ArabyAds now!


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