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Brands must focus on these 4 consumers this Black Friday Share via

It’s no secret that identifying and understanding the target group is essential to effective advertising. Consumer behavior has always been an indispensable consideration when it comes to making the right decisions about your marketing campaign, and the past two years have brought about a sea of change to consumer behavior for obvious reasons. As Black Friday is just around the corner, we will discuss the types of consumers who will drive the sales, primarily during the shopping extravaganza, and brand marketers should pay special attention to these consumer types to make the shopping season a great success.

Tech Savvy

They’re technologically savvy and expect retailers to deliver an engaging experience. Regardless of age, gender, and nationality, consumers in this segment take technology very seriously. They would spend up to 80% of their allocated budgets on electronics and accessories of the highest quality, according to the recent ArabyAds report called ‘ArabyAds E-commerce Guide 2021.’ These customers are cynical of advertisers and base their decisions on their analysis. They spend much time researching features, benefits, comparing brands, different editions, and their decision-making is rarely impulsive. The Tech-Savvy Customers will spend hours watching unboxing videos, reviews, comparisons between brands, potential new releases and will search every nook and cranny for the most advanced and attractive tech. Their loyalty is tricky because it can go from extreme high to extreme low in the blink of an eye. In the endless war of new technological options, you can lose a customer to a simple feature. But according to ArabyAds’ survey, nearly 58% of them tend to stick to a brand once they’ve established their loyalty. They have the money and knowledge, all they want is the best user experience, and they’re yours.

Bargain Hunters

They are the most price-sensitive of all consumers, but during Black Friday, these are your masses. Many brands tend to disregard this segment, but we would advise against that. After all, there is enormous power in numbers. Attracted by discounts and bundle offers, this segment can quickly become your most profitable target. Ranging from grocery, fashion, home appliances to heavy-duty electronics, they buy anything and everything in large quantities to save as much as possible for the future.

Moreover, they’re out to buy for the entire family, not just an individual. Bargain Hunters are very easily targeted and are considered somewhat impulsive. All you need to do is convince them that your prices are a steal and you have their loyalty. A perception is a potent tool, but it’s a double-edged sword, so be very careful. This segment has an ‘easy come, easy go’ mentality, and the moment they find a better deal, they can leave you for an alternative. So make sure to maintain the perception that they’re saving the most with you. Bargain Hunters cherish their in-store experiences, and the only time they would prefer the online option is during Black Friday. The way they see it, they get the same deal minus the elbow-throwing shoppers and precious shopping time wasted queueing at the cashier. 68% of ArabyAds’ respondents in the latest report said they would prefer online shopping during Black Friday even though they would instead go for brick & mortar in other events.


This is the niche segment for fashion brands, cosmetics, footwear, and accessories. Over 60% of consumers in this segment are females, typically aged between 17-40. Several females make their transactions from a male’s credit card. These fashion-conscious women follow any trends off the red carpet and are very easily influenced by their peers’ clothing. Fashionistas value having their style but do tend to buy many items that are trending. With inspiration from models and the red carpet, you can easily customize your marketing message to fit their demand and entice them to choose your products. This is where your social presence comes in handy. These consumers would buy endless quantities of clothing items, makeup, jewelry, and bags, especially if they are discounted. They follow Instagram accounts of most brands not just for the style quotient but also for offers announced exclusively on social media. They are heavily affected by social media influencers, and recommended outfits on models through push media will work wonders in getting their attention! These apparel-hungry consumers would go to any means to get “the look.” What look? That is up to you to create and market as the hottest look” of the season. You can create and control the demand, and the revenue will follow. Concentrating on cross-selling and upselling techniques, one can expect to get the most out of this segment by simple recommendation techniques.

Impulsive Buyers

The quick decision-makers that cannot resist a deal. 72% of ArabyAds’ survey respondents stated that they would buy impulsively, especially during Black Friday, and some even said they would buy the same product twice just because the discounts were so attractive they couldn’t resist! Both males and females of all ages can be turned into compulsive shoppers with suitable retargeted ads. When in doubt, always play on impulse buyers as they drive the masses and have minimal regard for reason. With the shortest decision-making cycle imaginable, Black Friday is the season for Shopaholics. Like a moth to the flame, this segment will not leave any deal they pass by. We marketers must know how to exploit this impulse, and most of our campaigns’ phrasing should revolve around it. Any item branded as a “MUST HAVE” has a particular allure to it and can immediately trigger impulse buying, especially if they are already on your website, to begin with. It is hard, however, to target Impulse buyers anywhere else. Fair warning, though, that impulse buyers have a certain amount of price sensitivity, which could quickly turn to ‘buyer’s remorse,’ increasing your order cancelation rate. It is a very delicate balance between driving conversion and losing revenue. The only way to avoid buyer’s remorse is to be honest with your product description and set the right expectations before the sale is made.

The recent “E-commerce Guide 2021,” by ArabyAds, brand marketers’ guide to mastering Black Friday, discusses consumer shopping behavior in detail along with many exciting findings regarding the e-commerce trends in the MENA region. The report also includes tips and strategy building to target each type of consumer that will cross the offline threshold into the online Black Friday sale this year.  Download the report here.

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