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Should you use a CPI agency/CPI network for your next mobile marketing campaign? Share via

Whether you’ve just launched a mobile app product or developed one for your business. Congratulations! You’ve built your app, chose an unexplored niche, tested your app on different devices, worked on flawless icons, and designs. 

But no one is downloading your app yet, right?

That’s a problem that all app developers encounter post publishing their apps online. It may seem impossible to boost mobile apps’ install rates and gain revenues but there are a lot of techniques out there for the rescue. And we’re here to discuss a significant one, will resorting to a CPI agency or an expert CPI network get you your aspired results?  


The Cost Per Install Model – Known as CPI

What can a CPI agency and CPI network offer you through the CPI Model and campaign?

“CPI is considered as a subset of CPA, the abbreviation for Cost per Action, as installations are a type of ‘action’. As the name suggests, CPI is the cost incurred whenever a campaign causes users to install an app or download a program. This model is usually used for mobile and software developers who desire to have their apps or software installed/downloaded.”

Quote from the glossary article

CPI is based on metrics and tools that reveal the cost of acquiring new users through determined campaigns tracked. In a cost per install campaign, a CPI agency/CPI network places a digital ad on different channels with different objectives such as; increase sales, subscriptions, app engagement, qualified usage, and app awareness.

With the digital scene stuffed with different models, we made sure our CPI network provides the best unflawed and quality process that provides specific requirements when it comes to the niche target audience, non-incented ad placements, and tracking technologies. 

What a CPI agency / CPI network offers your business and how to get started?

  1. Quick push into the market. That is what the goal of the CPI campaign is revolving around which will help a lot of new businesses to boost their products. 
  2. Qualified target audience. Especially ArabyAds’ model. You must have heard about the campaigns of fake downloads and unqualified users. We have the technology and the systems needed to make sure your users are 100%  qualified to improve your growth.
  3. Tangible Measurable metrics. We know how that google rank is important for any mobile app, the CPI agency /CPI network guarantees organic growth
  4. Non-Incent Ad placements. The model is relying on studying your products to make sure the ad format and placement display will match users and acquire them at first sight.

How to get started?

  1. Onboard us!

The campaign brief received by the CPI agency or CPI network is an unskippable part of any marketing application. You’ll have to determine what objective you’re seeking and the results you’re aspiring to achieve. 

  1. Let’s set up your program

Based on your business’s nature there will be a special process going on to match your objective set that will vary if your business needs to maximize subscribers, boost sales, or increase App engagement.

  1. Monitor the deliveries

Once the program is approved. You’ll start receiving deliveries from our team that will provide you with insightful analysis and reports. This will add to your business accuracy and more importantly precise data focus.

What are you waiting for?

We live in an AI ingenuity era, and mobile marketing is one of the top savers that can elevate your business’s performance if done the right way with risk-free payments, processes, and results.

Contact us now to know more about the model.