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Create compelling Instagram content with these top tips Share via

As the attention span of an average internet user is shrinking by the day, it has become imperative for brands to create compelling and creative content to hold on to their customer’s imagination for a more extended period. And as the popularity of the social media platform, Instagram is soaring; brands are making a beeline to get in front of their customers using this medium. But to effectively communicate with the users, marketers will have to pay much attention to the quality of the content they post to achieve the desired results. That can range from understanding your audience on Instagram, collaborating with an Instagram influencer, writing relevant captions, or creating different content formats. This blog will explore some of the top tips to help brands create compelling Instagram content for their users.

Know your audience

Understanding your audience is one of the most crucial steps to churn out great Instagram content to create higher engagement on your posts and generate the desired outcome. Without knowing your customers too well, brands will always risk developing content that will not stick with their audience, wasting efforts and resources. Brands should start talking to their primary audience and understand the kind of content they like on Instagram, how they interact with the social media platform, and what type of content makes them buy products from a brand. Gathering this information about your customers and potential consumers will make it easier for marketers to develop compelling content and achieve the objectives.

Track content’s performance

It is crucial to track and measure the performance of different content posts on Instagram to determine what is working and what is not. Brands should track the key performance metrics of various contents like engagement rate, post reach, followers growth, and hashtag performance to understand the content consumption pattern of your audience. These insights will help the marketers to zero down on the best content format that will help them to take the brand story forward on Instagram.

Partner with Instagram influencers

Almost every marketer that works with an Instagram influencer for content creation believes that the collaboration has earned them significant benefits. Most brands have said that they will continue to increase their spending on influencer marketing every year, as partnering with the influencers has given their brands a massive reach and helped them improve their sales enormously. Brands need to identify the right influencer who has followers that resonate with the brand’s audience and can create authentic and gripping content.

Focus on captions

More often than not, brands would put their entire focus on creating perfect Instagram photos and not worry too much about the captions that accompany them. But this is a mistake that needs to be avoided at any cost. A well-thought-out Instagram caption can add more relevant context to the post to help brands achieve better engagement, higher click-throughs, and increased reach. Adding relevant captions also provides brands with opportunities to build a strong community and raise brand awareness.

Engage with user-generated content

User-generated content is one of the most sought content by marketers as it is seen as an authentic customer endorsement that influences other potential customers to buy from the brand. Furthermore, user-generated content helps marketers easily re-share these creative content on Instagram from the brand’s account to increase engagement, improve sales, and create brand awareness. Moreover, engaging with the user-generated content through comments, likes, and shares will encourage your audience to talk more about your products and increase the reach exponentially.

Create Instagram stories

Your audiences are more likely to engage with you on your Instagram stories. With the stories feature, brands can directly interact with their consumers to understand their needs in a better way. Marketers should focus on creating content for the stories if they want to increase their followers on Instagram, generate leads, get instant feedback from the users on new products, increase brand transparency, improve engagement, and stay on top of their user’s minds.

Add relevant CTA button

Besides engaging customers with the content, a compelling Instagram post should also ask the audience to take a step forward and engage with the brand through other mediums. Adding a relevant call-to-action button in the caption of the Instagram post, and asking the users to visit the brand’s website to further engage with them, works well for the organization. Therefore, to create genuinely winning Instagram content, brands need great content, well-thought captions, relevant hashtags, and a call-to-action button to engage the audience further.

Considering the points mentioned above, while devising the content strategy for Instagram, brands can significantly improve the outcomes they are seeking to achieve. Furthermore, by using various analytics tools available on Instagram, brands can get a deeper understanding of their followers and the kind of content they are mainly engaging with, making the whole content creation process a breeze.

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