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Expanding reach and amplifying share of voice (SOV) in a crowded CPG marketplace Share via

In today’s competitive retail landscape, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands seek innovative avenues to grow their reach and establish a more prominent presence. One such avenue that has shown significant promise is Retail Media. Not only does this platform help brands tap into a broader consumer base, but it also allows for a multitude of optimization opportunities.

? What is Retail Media?

Retail media refers to advertising placements on retail websites, apps, and physical stores, targeting consumers during their shopping journey. Think about the sponsored products you see while browsing online stores or the digital ads popping up in your favorite retail apps.

? How Can CPG Brands Utilize Retail Media?

  • Directly Target the Right Audience: Retail media platforms provide brands with invaluable data on consumers’ buying patterns, enabling them to position their products in front of a relevant audience. This means CPG brands can introduce their products to consumers who are more likely to be interested.
  • Enhance Product Visibility: By leveraging prime digital placements on popular online retail platforms, brands can ensure their products get noticed. It’s akin to having prime shelf space in a physical store.
  • Leverage Dynamic Creatives: Retail media offers opportunities for dynamic ad placements. This means brands can adjust their messaging or offer promotions in real time based on data insights.
  • Drive Impulse Purchases: By positioning ads at the checkout or “add to cart” sections, brands can nudge consumers towards making last-minute additions to their shopping carts.
  • Data-driven Decisions: With the rich consumer data that retail media platforms offer, brands can adjust their strategies in real-time to maximize ROI.
  • Ad Placement Flexibility: Depending on the platform, brands can choose to place their products on homepage banners, search result ads, or even product recommendation sections.
  • Diversified Ad Formats: Beyond traditional banner ads, brands can also explore video content, interactive ads, and shoppable images to engage consumers.
  • Performance Analytics: Retail media channels often provide in-depth analytics, allowing brands to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns and make necessary tweaks.

? Ritelo Empowering the Retail Media Ecosystem

As a trusted partner in the retail media ecosystem, Ritelo empowers businesses to navigate the complexities of data privacy and compliance. We offer robust solutions that allow retailers, brands, and advertisers to leverage the power of data-driven advertising while respecting user privacy. Our innovative technologies enable targeted and personalized campaigns without compromising the integrity of consumer information.

? Conclusion

Retail media is a powerful tool that can help CPG brands grow their reach and share of voice in a competitive retail space. By leveraging the first-party data that retailers collect, CPG brands can target their ads to specific audiences with laser precision. This makes retail media a valuable addition to any CPG brand’s marketing mix.

Here are some additional benefits of using retail media for CPG brands:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Increased sales
  • More efficient targeting
  • Better ROI

The article was written by Partha Kataky Head of Product – Ritelo

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