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How performance marketers can overcome hard times Share via

By: Mohamed Nour

When the conversion curve starts to go down, you may think it will go up again, and it’s a matter of time; you may be correct, but to be sure, you should have an answer about when precisely the curve will go up again. If you don’t know the answer yet and the conversion curve continues to go down without a return point, you have to have plan B to lift your conversion curve again. This article will unwrap our affiliate marketing secrets to prepare all performance marketers to get over the hard times.

Build your audience network

In simple marketing terms, the owned audience is an audience list built over time of accruing new followers to your digital assets, and you can communicate with any/all at any time. Getting access to a broad audience at once or from time to time when needed is like aiming to get fruits from a plant without roots. You can’t depend on temporary traffic to build an audience list. So, in 2022 we highly recommend owning your audience and not renting them.

Have an alternate affiliate program

Are you currently having 80% percent of your affiliate marketing revenue coming only from 20% of your affiliate programs? What if your best-performed affiliate program decided to stop at any time? Alert! Your affiliate marketing business would be at risk. It’s happening that any affiliate program stops working with affiliate marketing models, or maybe they do have onsite coupons with higher discounts than yours, and both will make your campaign unstable. Then your alternate affiliate program will be your backup plan to replace the irregular affiliate offer. The alternate affiliate program you are looking for will be in the same niche as the affiliate program you want to back up or target your potential audience with products that match their current interest.

Ask your campaign manager

At Boostiny we have dedicated account managers and campaign managers who will help you choose the best affiliate marketing campaign. You can ask about insights and previous records like what is the best-performing country, product, and platform for this specific program. Ask about any potential risks, similar competitive affiliate offers, or potential offers with the same products. The account manager will help you understand where you are from the risk and lead your thoughts to make your decision and backup plans. All current publishers registered as partners in Boostiny can access the campaign details after logging in using a Google account and finding the account manager’s contact information or campaign manager. Not our partner yet. Visit and register ad publisher or influencer to access many exclusive campaigns.

Keep retargeting interested audience

How often does it take you to say yes and buy a product? How many websites do you visit to check prices and reviews about the item you want to buy? You keep searching and checking from 4 to 5 times. Your audience does the same when they see the products you are promoting; maybe 1% will convert to customers from the first time! Then what about the 99%? What do you have to do to make them click and convert? You have to promote the same product repeatedly, maybe up to 7 times to the same audience to remind them of products they may be interested in and want to buy. Retargeting your audience using various visuals will help refresh the promotion they may miss if they didn’t click on the ad. So, you have to keep promoting and showing your ad several times to engage the audience to be the first they remember when they think about a specific product. We are talking about results that could increase revenue by 200% and improve conversion rates by 70%; ROAS may jump 10X.

Show benefits, not low price

When we talk about coupon model discounts, it’s all about getting an extra concession and saving more money. That’s awesome but not enough. There are 100s of promotions online with the promo code; then what? It is not only about discounts all the time. As a marketer, you still have to show something different to your consumers, maybe the benefits and the value your product offers. Tell the consumer more about your product and what it does do. It’s easy to show the use of your product instead of promoting reduced-price products only.

Affiliate marketing has become more challenging with every passing year, and we are here to help you get over these challenges. So stay tuned for our next article!

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