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Performance marketing strategies to prepare for Black Friday 2021 Share via

By: Mohamed Nour

When shoppers decide to buy, they always want a discount or a special offer at a low price. And Black Friday is the best time of the year when the desires turn to facts. Anyone can buy their favorite mobile phone on Noon, for example, for a small cut of a price. During Black Friday, which is just around the corner, affiliate marketers in the Middle East and GCC, even worldwide, try to make the most of it. So, if you are an affiliate marketer or thinking about it, let’s jump-start!

What happens during Black Friday?

On Black Friday, all stores provide their best offers to kick start the holiday shopping season. Well-known stores worldwide are putting their items at high discounts because online shoppers will herd to the stores to get the best offers.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to boost your affiliate marketing activities and capitalize on the Black Friday sale. Here are a few ways and white hacks on how to improve your Black Friday performance.

We’re going to break it down into three phases for affiliate marketers.

  • Phase One: Pre-Black Friday
  • Phase Two: Black Friday
  • Phase Three: Post-Black Friday

In this blog, we will talk about the first phase.

Pre-Black Friday

All affiliate marketers have to be mindful of the idea that preparation is the key to success. Advance planning allows affiliate marketers to get the most out of the Black Friday sale.

Search about the best affiliate offers in GCC and Middle East

Finding the best affiliate deals is something all affiliate marketers can maximize their efforts on Black Friday. To manage this, affiliate marketers must ensure that the list of the best offers is ready before Black Friday. Most affiliates’ offers will only be announced during the shopping event for a limited time. However, it is crucial to run a test campaign on different traffic sources to check shoppers’ responses to the offers.

Revisit offer landing page before Black Friday

Designing a unique landing page with attractive offers is one of the most important techniques to get the Black Friday traffic running. Shoppers are exploring offers during this time, and affiliate marketers can get many conversions from the landing page. So, what do affiliate marketers need to do? First, develop a landing page in advance after checking with ArabyAds to find out what special offers they have. After that, affiliate marketers need to make sure they update their Black Friday landing page with all the hot offers they have from ArabyAds.

Brands can also do it differently by setting the landing page to give visitors a preview of upcoming hot offers. This will motivate shoppers to sign up for updates and receive an update when the offers or limited-time discounts become available. Affiliate marketers also might add a timer or a countdown on the landing page to let shoppers know precisely when the coupon code would be working. This will make the landing page more attractive, and the visitors will be more connected.

Know the best traffic source for online shoppers

It’s essential to identify the sources from which affiliate marketers can get the most traffic on offers, websites, or mobile apps. Not all of the traffic sources will react positively to Black Friday offers. Affiliate marketers need to test and see which traffic sources are the most active. They can target audiences and use Boostiny to assess the best converting source of traffic that made sales. Focus on good quality traffic sources, and make sure you use push ads and other ad formats. Push notifications are going to be an excellent addon to let online shoppers know about your best offers.

Get qualified online shoppers’ data before anyone

Affiliate marketers have to know that Black Friday is not the day to test campaigns and get leads. They need to search about the online shoppers who are attracted to top offers as soon as possible. They will most likely need to run a contest to collect qualified leads and then use those leads to market again and again on Black Friday.

Use social media platforms

Affiliate marketers can do social media posts on their landing page and share them with their followers. This is probably going to get more traffic. In addition, affiliate marketers should encourage their community on social media, either followers or friends, to engage by sharing, liking, and commenting on their Black Friday posts. This way will make the interaction more successful and attract more traffic.

How to manage unlimited coupons and offers?

Use our powerful technology to manage any number of coupon codes for affiliate marketers. Boostiny’s coupon tracking system allows you to track and measure the performance of your deals and offers based on real sales through coupon redemption and thus avoids the complexities and possible issues that happen with last-click attribution tracking.

To learn more about ArabyAds’ offers on Black Friday to affiliate marketers? Contact us! We’re here to help.

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