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These 5 reasons make remarketing an absolute necessity for brands Share via

Remarketing is a marketing technique through which brands show ads to users who have earlier visited their website or mobile app, engaged with their products and services but left without completing a transaction. The benefit of remarketing is that it effectively targets users who have already shown some interest in the brand, and hence it becomes easier to convert them. In addition, it is a cost-effective tactic that can be done using Google, Microsoft, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or through e-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp. Marketers have been using remarketing tactics to improve the efficiency of their marketing campaigns. This blog will talk about the top benefits remarketing provides to the brands and how it is helping to improve their conversion rate.

Highly Personalized Targeting

Brand marketers use remarketing techniques to reach potential shoppers through highly targeted and personalized ad campaigns. Since the brands are aware of the consumer’s past interactions on their website, the products and services they explored, and the pages they were most interested in, companies can tailor-made their campaigns to entice the shopper to make a transaction. First, marketers have to decide whether they want to target an audience who just spent a few seconds on their website, someone who explored some pages, or a shopper who spent much time looking at different products but did not buy anything. Once the targeting approach has been decided, brands can target the user effectively, showing them products they are most likely to buy.

Increase Conversion Rate

Various reports have found that in the pre-pandemic times, of total users visiting a brand’s website, only around 2 percent of them convert, on average. But companies cannot let this massive chunk of visitors go away without converting them into customers. Through remarketing, companies increase the conversion rate on their websites by explicitly targeting potential customers with tailor-made deals and offers that tempt them to purchase. In fact, the shoppers who see retargeted ads are 70 percent more likely to convert and shop on the brand’s website.

Reduce Cart-Abandonment

One of the significant issues e-commerce businesses around the globe face is that of a considerable percentage of cart abandonment by shoppers. Shoppers can abandon their shopping cart for many reasons, like looking for a better discount coupon, checking deals on another website, or leaving to complete the transaction later. Whatever may be the reason, it creates a massive headache for online companies. But with remarketing techniques, brands can reduce the impact of cart abandonment by increasing the conversion. Reminding the shopper through messages and notifications about their abandoned shopping cart or incentivizing them to complete the transaction has shown good acceptance, somewhat reducing the cart-abandonment issue.


Remarketing is a cost-effective and efficient marketing tool to attract customers who had earlier engaged with the brand. As the marketers are already aware of their potential consumers and have a fair idea about the products they are interested in, brands can target them successfully while being on a limited budget. Moreover, mainly remarketing works on a cost-per-click (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), and cost per acquisition (CPA) model, which provides marketers the ability to control the cost and manage their spending as per the requirement of the campaign. Additionally, remarketing is much cheaper than standard search-network ads on AdWords. Some reports suggest that remarketing can reduce a company’s cost per acquisition by almost 50 percent.

Increase Brand Awareness

Remarketing is also a handy marketing tool to increase your brand awareness as your ads are visible to potential customers multiple times. Repeatedly exposing the shoppers to your brand and its messages plays a vital role in getting the consumer closer to purchasing and creating a long-term value for the brand. According to a recent report, around 42 percent of companies use remarketing for online brand awareness and recognition.

There is no doubt that remarketing technique delivers excellent benefits to the brands in their targeting campaigns, but brand marketers should be very clear about the goals and objectives they want to achieve. Otherwise, the strategy will fail to deliver the desired results, and marketers will waste their efforts and resources. ReEngage, the remarketing platform of ArabyAds helps brands in the MENA region to sell more with a customized strategy for each stage of their customer journey with customer creatives. As a result, clients have seen around a 30 percent increase in conversion rates using advanced audience insights with ReEngage.

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