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Time To Admit: We have made these mistakes in affiliate marketing but you can avoid them! Share via

In a season full of rush, everyone needs to pace up their game. 

Here at ArabyAds, we’re always on our toes for Q4, we’ve been in the market for too long that some mistakes have slipped from us and from our wide network of publishers. In this article, we decided to list the mistakes you must not fall for this season. 


Mistake 1: Not targeting the right customers

Black Friday’s season is such a good time to message new customers or create new messages. And that might vacuum an affiliate marketer into a hassle.

Usually, people get bombarded with a lot of flashing messages and promotions even before the start of Black Friday month. 

For us, the major mistake is firing up an email campaign targeting tons or even spending a lot of the budget on advertising but not in a meaningful way which wastes efforts, money, and time.

What to do?

  1. Offer plain value that will attract the right customers. 
  2. Pre-qualify your existed audience for Black Friday.
  3. Focus on building more niche communities.


Mistake 2: Promoting poor quality content

One of the biggest mistakes is promoting an inferior product. That in a way or another can affect your content. As an affiliate marketer, it’s important to make sure your content does have a quality that will make your explorer click. 

One of the mistakes that we encountered before is far many affiliate marketers think that 10 average posts will outperform one on-point post. 

Add to that the probability of the affiliate not trying the product/service he’s promoting to make sure it’s reliable. 

As a marketer, you’d want to always rank higher in the search engines, so you must focus on content that would be interesting and intriguing.

What to do?

  1. Include images that give a closer looks at your products
  2. Double-check the quality and reliability of the products
  3. Try the product/service yourself to give a valuable personal touch to your content.


Mistake 3: Sounds like a salesman

With Q4 getting crowded more than ever year by year, some affiliates would forget the real essence of affiliate marketing and it’s to help their audience and not sell. 

Of course, developing a mindset that would create conversion and rank the highest is a priority but this would create a weak content base and poor results.

What to do?

  1. Create content that revolves around the reader’s intent
  2. Focus on explaining deep features into the products.
  3. Rethink your banner ads strategy to make sure it’s not frustrating your visitors


Mistake 4: Neglecting site speed, content readability, and database

These 3 neglections are a combo, not one Black Friday pass unless one happens.

Waiting 2 seconds for a website to load is not hard right? But there are lots of impatient visitors that would leave immediately if it took that long. And that reflects a high website bounce rate of at least 50%.

In a time with a running website and shorter attention spans, the audience would be confused and have low tolerance towards any content exceeding 300 words. Not just that; unusual font size, few images, and weird structures are unhelpful components. 

Not to mention neglecting your existing premium database in your email list and other off-site promotions.

What to do?

  1. Use a speed check website to discover what’s wrong. One of the top websites we recommend is Gtmetrix
  2. Make sure you’re keeping your content short in the full structure and in sentences. Use more images, use serifs, and Montserrat in fonts they have a suitable reading height and clarity. Also, keep your structure’s visibility expected.
  3. Retarget your premium database well and pick what you’re retargeting them with.


Now that you’re all set,

Be aware of those mistakes and share with us your takeaways in the comments.


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