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Top 10 guidelines for Black Friday from ArabyAds Share via

As we are in the midst of the Black Friday shopping season, we bring to you, top 10 guidelines for brand marketers from the recently released ‘ArabyAds E-commerce Guide 2021,’ the comprehensive study to mastering the biggest shopping season. Here are our recommendations.

Load test your infrastructure

The most basic and practical thing but often neglected is your ability to manage this peak traffic on your web or app, and this is why you have invested so heavily in the tech infrastructure. We recommend you run multiple test scenarios for the performance and scalability of your servers. The keyword is “RPS” (request per second).

Mobile is the priority

Statistics show the massive shift towards the “on the go” shopping experience. Without debating about the percentage of your sales coming from mobile devices, let’s agree that this should be your priority. Starting from “being found” to “user experience” on these devices needs to be customized. The keyword is to do the “Google Mobile-Friendly test.”

Learn from History & Simplicity

There is enough marketing technology available for today’s advertiser, but if we analyze the conversion rates along with the consumer behavior, time and again, we’ve seen that the simple old marketing tactics like pop-ups and visual processes work like a charm. The keyword is to make it simple and build the easiest “consumer shopping experience.”

Communication to create FOMO

This is the season for fierce competition. It would be best if you created an urgency for your shoppers with your communication strategy. Capture your customers’ desire to make that impulse purchase. The keyword here is “FOMO Marketing

Maximize the cart size

November is the time for offers and discounts, and that is what your customers are looking for, but how do you ensure that you get the maximum wallet share? We recommend you use enough marketing technologies for highlighting the best corresponding and customized offers for each customer session at every touchpoint, be it on the product pages or during the check-out process. The keyword is to focus on new “Innovative Marketing Technologies.”

Repeat Customer is as important as the new customer

Assuming that we all know the importance of remarketing, specifically Black Friday, the strategy needs to be more robust and customized for each customer cohort. According to our research, customers who have shopped in the last 90 days from your brand have a 68% probability of repeating a purchase during Black Friday. Therefore, we strongly recommend you boost your remarketing strategy with a particular focus on the “abandon cart” cohort. The keyword here is “Remarketing or Re-Engagement.”

Offer More than Discounts

Apart from discounts, pamper your shoppers with various add-on features like free shipping, reward points, cashback, and easy returns. These won’t cost much but will make you stand out in the crowd. Again, the keyword is to “Pamper your Customers.”

Reward Loyalty

Utilize the emotional connection that your brand has with the shopper. Create premium loyalty experiences that are supposed to double your conversion rates, making your shoppers twice as likely to use the program and purchase this Black Friday. The keyword is “premium customer experience for loyalty.”

Optimized Check-out process

There is a possibility of a 75% customer drop cart ratio during Black Friday, which means three out of four customers who start the check-out process are likely to close the page without completing the transaction. Therefore, we strongly recommend you analyze each step of your conversion funnel and create enough exit messaging along with a visual process to incentivize the users to complete the purchase. The keyword is “Visual process and exit messaging.”

Keep an eye on the competition

Black Friday means “Price Wars.” You need to check your competitor’s offers and pricing. We strictly advise you not to get into price wars as it’s a bottomless funnel. Instead, we recommend you focus more on increasing conversions without sacrificing profit margins. The keyword is to have a “competitive pricing strategy.”

You can download and read the complete report here. Our attempt via this report is to provide measurable, actionable, and trustworthy information for the marketers to understand better and predict their numbers ahead of the biggest shopping festival of the year, i.e., Black Friday 2021.

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