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Top 10 tips for marketers to prepare for this year’s Black Friday Share via

The biggest shopping festival extravaganza is just around the corner. While the shoppers are set to shop to their heart’s content by indulging in the heavy discounts, retailers will be busy charting out strategies to make Black Friday a roaring success for their businesses. This time of the year is crucial for brands as a solid marketing strategy can see them generate more than 20 percent of their annual revenues in November alone. And to achieve the desired results in this cut-throat competition, marketers will have to be on the top of their game.

Of course, just doling out significant discounts and deals is not the only way to get your customers to spend on your product. Much effort will go into designing your marketing campaigns to reach out to your audience at the right place and time. In this blog, ArabyAds will provide top tips to the brands participating in Black Friday sale that will help them to make the most out of the mega sale event.

Build Curiosity: Brands should build curiosity across their marketing campaigns to keep the shoppers on their toes in anticipation of what deals will be offered. Create unique hashtags, creative content before the sale event to keep the shoppers interested.

Keep Updating Offers: Rather than giving a single offer to the consumers, brands should update the offers based on the trend they witness during the sale event. The move can help get shoppers to engage more with the brands and create a sense of urgency to grab the prevailing offer, resulting in higher sales.

Boost Site Performance: Brands will likely see a massive surge in traffic on their websites during the shopping season, and they must make sure that the website can handle the increased traffic during Black Friday. If the site crashes during the shopping rush, it will leave a lasting negative impact on the business. The website’s speed and performance should also be tested  so that it does not impact the shopping experience of the consumers,

Seamless Checkout: Brands should make sure that customers can check out seamlessly during Black Friday shopping. The sites should perform at their best to avoid cart abandonment, a severe loss of sale issue.

Optimize Mobile Site: Millennials and Gen Zs will play a significant role in driving the e-commerce sales this year across regions, and most of them are inclined towards shopping on their mobiles. In fact, the trend of shopping on the go will go a notch higher. Therefore, e-commerce companies must make the shopping process simpler and fast on these devices to avoid losing any potential sales.

Offer More than Discounts: Apart from discounts, pamper your shoppers with various add-on features like free shipping, reward points, cashback, and easy returns.

Reach Out to Previous Customers: Brands should reach out to customers who have not shopped with them for a while through some tailor-made offers and tell them about great deals during Black Friday. Compelling these customers to shop will only add to the brand’s performance.

Create Personalised Coupons: Creating personalized discount coupons for your regular customers, based on their earlier shopping habits, is a sure-shot way to get more conversions during the shopping festival. Many research reports have suggested that today’s shoppers like to shop with brands that offer highly personalized deals and promotions.

Referral-Based Discounts: Provide your customers with additional referral discounts whenever they refer their family and friends to shop at your establishment. This is a great way to incentivize and motivate your existing customers to get more people to start shopping for your products.

Extend the Offer Period: There is always a sizable segment of shoppers who are either early or late to the party. Therefore, brands should extend their offers even after Black Friday and start rolling out offers a tad earlier to avoid missing those customers. In addition, brands should manage their inventory in such a way that they can service their consumers during the entire period of the sale event.

Although the Black Friday season has proven to be a massive opportunity for brands, marketers have to put in a lot of effort to navigate this event successfully. Given that the consumer has so many options to shop from, it all boils down to how efficiently brands have chalked out their marketing strategy to get more customers to shop at their store.

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