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Top 5 trends to look out for in Influencer Marketing in 2021 Share via

It is no secret that brands across the spectrum have started investing heavily in influencer marketing to get the maximum returns from their investments. According to multiple industry reports, marketers’ dependence on influencer marketing will only increase with time.

With the pandemic setting in, brands started to cut their investment in traditional advertising and marketing forms and started looking at the influencers. In these uncertain times, we look at the top trends brands should focus on when planning their influencer marketing campaigns in 2021.

1. Focus more on micro-influencers

Recent research reports show that micro-influencers (less than 10,000 followers) have reaped the best engagement rates for the brands compared to mega influencers and celebrities whose followers run into millions. For brands, getting micro-influencers on board not only reduces the cost of the campaign but provides an excellent conversion rate as well. The stickiness and loyalty followers of the micro-influencers show are unmatched. The engagement rate of micro-influencers can reach up to 4 percent on Instagram and up to 18 percent on TikTok. So it will help brands big time considering the role of said influencers next time they are planning their campaign.


2. Gen-Z influencers will rule the roost

Influencers in the age group of 18 and 24 are Gen-Z. Their rise in the influencer marketing space has been phenomenal year over year. Various research reports suggest the contributions of Gen Z have gone up from around 30 percent in 2019 to near 35 percent in 2020 when it comes to sponsored posts on Instagram. TikTok has seen similar trends on its platform with Gen Z. Experts believe this trend will only get more vital in 2021 and for many more years to come.

Apart from this, some reports found out Gen Z influencers are the highest-earning demographic, and brands are lining up to get them on board. Being digital natives, well-educated, progressive social and political views are traits that make this category the most sought out after. So next time you are planning a campaign, keeping this trend in mind might help you.


3. Video consumption will increase manifolds

Various market research reports have found that video content will become a vital cog in the wheel for influence marketing activities. Over the last many years, video content consumption has seen a meteoric rise and is one of the best performing tools for brands. With the advent of Instagram Reels, TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook, influencers have also gone all out to create more video content and see a massive jump in their followers. And the consumers have been lapping up all the content from their favorite influencers without batting an eyelid. Therefore, brands looking to engage better with their audiences this year should create engaging video content with their influencers.


4. Brands will have to stand for a cause

As consumers have become more evolved and informed about their surroundings and have started taking a keen interest in various causes, it is time for brands to adopt the same approach. Brands that will stand for a cause will have a better chance to connect with their audiences. The same is true for today’s influencers as well. Influencers have started to work with brands that are vocal about social issues and are aligned with their ideology. The time has passed when brands could remain a-political and carry on with their businesses as usual. So as a brand that is betting big on influencer marketing, working in this direction can make things smoother


5. Deeper collaboration between influencers and brands

One of the trends in influencer marketing that is massively seeing an uptick is how influencers and brands work in closer collaboration more than ever. Gone are the days when the brands will onboard an influencer for a campaign and instruct them about their deliverables. Instead, influencers now want to be an integral part of the process and enjoy their involvement in understanding the product they are working on and how they can bring the best out of their social media posts. Likewise, brands too have understood that influencers understand their followers better. Therefore, it is beneficial for both parties to collaborate more to dish out engaging content.

In these uncertain times when the situation is ever-changing, it is paramount for brands to keep a close check on the trends that will shape the influencer marketing industry and plan their subsequent campaigns accordingly.


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