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Top digital marketing strategies to win consumers during Ramadan Share via

The holy month of Ramadan has started, which means shoppers in the MENA region will be fasting from sunrise to sunset for the whole month and spending much time with family and their loved ones, changing the routine slightly during this period. These day-to-day changes mean that their online or offline shopping pattern will also change drastically, and they will mostly shop only during their most active hours. Therefore brands and marketers can no longer keep on reaching out to their customers the same way they do the rest of the year. Instead, they will have to adapt to the changes that come with the month of Ramadan to stand out and make exceptional sales. This blog will discuss the top points that any brand marketer should consider while designing their marketing outreach during Ramadan in the MENA region and seeing their sales sky-rocket.

Increase campaign frequency

As the shopping intent is very high during the holy month of Ramadan in the MENA region, brands across various verticals like food, grocery, fashion, and electronics, should increase the frequency of their digital ad campaigns to catch the fancy of the shoppers. As a result, many experts believe that marketers should look to increase their investment in their digital ads during this month by around 20 percent to get the best results and witness improved sales.

Offer great discounts

Brands should significantly offer more discounts and better deals to the consumers during Ramadan to entice them to purchase at their stores. Moreover, as people are looking to buy more for themselves and their friends and families, brands must offer shoppers deals they would be most attracted to. Precision targeting and retargeting techniques with personalized ad campaigns can do wonders for businesses.

Pamper your customers

Apart from discounts, pamper your shoppers with various add-on features like free shipping, reward points, cashback, and easy returns. These won’t cost much but will make you stand out in the crowd. The keyword here is “Pamper your Customers.”

Target shoppers at the right time

As the timetable of the shoppers in the region during the fasting month changes drastically, the brands must reach out to them when they are most active and are more likely to take positive actions on your ad campaigns. Moreover, during Ramadan, people usually spend much time with friends and family after sundown, and the office and school hours are cut short, the usual pattern of online consumption changes. Hence, retailers should pick the right time to target consumers to capitalize on this month’s opportunity.

Reach Out to Previous Customers

Brands should reach out to customers who have not shopped with them for a while through tailor-made offers and tell them about great deals during Ramadan. Compelling these customers to shop will only add to the brand’s performance.

Optimize Mobile Site

 Millennials and Gen Zs will play a significant role in driving the e-commerce sales this year across regions, and most of them are inclined toward shopping on their mobiles. As a result, the trend of shopping on the go will go a notch higher. Therefore, e-commerce companies must make the shopping process more straightforward and fast on these devices to avoid losing potential sales during Ramadan.

Streamline checkout process

There is a possibility of a 75% customer drop cart ratio during Ramadan shopping, which means three out of four customers who start the checkout process are likely to close the page without completing the transaction. Therefore, we strongly recommend you analyze each step of your conversion funnel and create enough exit messaging and a visual process to incentivize the users to complete the purchase.

Besides all the points mentioned above, marketers should make sure that they deliver personalized messages and Ramadan greetings to their patrons, as this goes a long way in keeping the brand fresh in the customer’s mind and also show them that you are not just interested in selling your goods.