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Top mobile app marketing strategies to drive growth Share via

There are millions of mobile applications on the leading app stores for consumers to choose from, and the brand knows very well that to make their app stand out, they have to create a unique product that can solve their customers’ problems. But, while the brands need to build a seamless app that delivers on its promise, it is equally crucial for them to get the users glued to their app and not just leave it in the first few days. And since the consumer is spoilt for choices in every app category, brands will have to ensure that firstly they need to attract new users and, secondly, work hard towards retaining them. Unfortunately, user dropout percentages in apps are very high, and acquiring new customers comes at a very high cost. In this blog, we will discuss the most crucial app marketing strategies to help brands acquire new users, retain existing users, and drive significant growth.

App Landing Page

Creating a landing page for your mobile app is one of the most crucial growth marketing strategies as this allows the users to learn more about your app on mobile web and desktop. While developing the landing page, you must ensure that it has all the visualizations of what the user can expect after downloading the app. In addition, the Google Play Store and App Store links should be visible to enable the interested user to install the app directly after reading about your app on the landing page. Moreover, landing pages often act as a mobile app user’s starting journey. That is why it should be clean, attractive, user-friendly, and detailed and work seamlessly across different touchpoints.

Push Notifications

App developers should use push notifications to regularly update their customers about recent developments like new products,  sales, and promotions running at their online stores. This will help you build excitement around the brand and ensure your app is on top of mind when the customer’s purchase intent is high. Moreover, marketers should create personalized notifications for the shoppers based on their past purchase behavior and shopping history. Finally, effective push notifications should include strategies to develop a sense of urgency amongst the shoppers and keep them interested in the brand. Moreover, according to various researches, push notification commands the highest open rate for any medium. Users open around 90% of push notifications compared to nearly 70% of emails.

App Search Optimization

Another critical aspect of scaling the business of your mobile app is to improve the app’s visibility on the App Store and Google Play Store. The app needs to be optimized to appear in the top search listings, enabling it to reach a vast base of the potential audience and give the app massive exposure. App developers should clearly understand the most crucial search keywords to rank the app because the better your app ranks, the better its reach. While optimization is essential, the app must be well presented to the user to make them install it on their phones.

Reviews and Ratings

As is the case of online shopping these days, where customers go through the reviews and ratings of every new product before buying it, app users also like to go through the reviews and ratings of the app before installing it. This is because they will try to ascertain if they should install the app and what has been the experience of other similar users. Hence, as an app developer, you should encourage your existing users to leave a rating and review of the product through easy rating processes, which will help you gain credibility in front of potential new users. You can also reach out to professional reviewers to get honest feedback which will lend reliability to your product. Also, be ready for negative reviews and engage with all the comments to show that you are listening to the user’s concerns and are making necessary improvements.

Onboard Influencers

Social media influencers across leading platforms can help brands reach out to their audience and increase app downloads. Influencers are not just limited to showcasing your fashion and food brands on Instagram but are equally effective in customer acquisition across multiple industries and social media platforms. They can effectively put your mobile app in front of the right customer. For example, if you are an app that helps users to make financially sound decisions, onboard influencers who are finance experts and have a high-quality following and influence in the sector. Start your influencer marketing activity and see your downloads going up.

Leverage Viral Loops

Viral loops or effective referral systems are an excellent way for brands to increase the number of new users on their apps. Create a referral system that encourages the existing users to share or refer your app to their friends in lieu of some exciting rewards like extra discounts, exclusive access, or additional points to unlock new features on the app. The world’s leading companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Paypal effectively use viral loops to expand their customer base across geographies and new markets. There are millions of apps for customers to choose from and limited space on their phones. Hence, marketers should give compelling reasons to install and refer their mobile apps to friends and family.

User Retention Campaigns

If you look at any successful app, they will continuously update it, keeping in mind the changing audience preference and implementing the new features. This helps retain existing users while adding new users to the fold. Brands should keep evolving the app’s features and introduce new engaging content for the users in blog posts, videos, podcasts, pop-up ads, and others. Keep the user engaged with your app by frequently providing something of interest and witnessing the retention rate increase. Keeping an eye on the latest app features introduced by the competition and working on them will decrease user dropout.

Incentivize Loyal Users

Rewarding loyal users is a sure-shot way to motivate them to keep using the app. Once you have a decent number of loyal users of your product, they become the brand ambassadors for you, who will spread positive word of mouth and refer your app to their friends and families. Marketers understand the impact referrals make on anyone’s business. Therefore, rewarding the loyal users who make in-app purchases, actively participating in various initiatives, and helping brands get new users will go a long way in building a reliable community of users.

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