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Top ways to retain your mobile app users Share via

There are millions of mobile applications on the leading app stores for consumers to choose from, and the brand knows very well that to make their app stand out, they have to create a unique product that can solve their customers’ problems. But, while the brands need to focus on building a seamless app that delivers on its promise, it is equally crucial for them to get the users glued to their app and not just leave it in the first few days. For some companies, the prime focus is initially maximizing app downloads, which is not wrong, but they need to retain the users.

Various research reports have shown that the user count drops drastically from Day 1 to Day7. Furthermore, most users quickly part ways with the app if they do not find anything meaningful or if the brand does not make an effort to retain them. According to a leading report, on average, companies can retain around 7.5% of users beyond the first month. And since the cost of acquiring a new customer is very high, brands have to rely on marketing strategies to get the job done. Furthermore, as most companies have a mobile application, they have started to allocate a separate budget to devise a mechanism to retain the consumers. This blog will look at the various strategies marketers should consider to keep consumer attrition to a minimum.

Simple Onboarding Process

For brands, it is essential to make the consumer’s onboarding process seamless and efficient. The more simple the process it would be less likely the user will drop off from the app. However, many brands ignore this factor and keep their focus entirely on the efficiency of the product. Instead, the product development team should try the onboarding process many times to make it an easy to interact app for the users before going live with it. In fact, the mobile app should have multiple registration options for the users, like login with Facebook or Gmail. In a nutshell, keep it simple.

Push Notifications

Push notifications on the mobile app have a critical role in retaining the users and driving sales through this channel. These notifications help the brand deliver timely and relevant information to the users who otherwise are not active on the app. For example, brands can inform users about new offers, coupons, products, and sale events through push notifications. In addition, they can wish the users on their birthday and anniversaries to create a personal touch, which goes a long way in retaining them. In addition, information about cart abandonment or stepwise step details of deliveries keeps the consumer hooked to the app. Hence, it becomes crucial for brands to use this technique in a way that helps them grow the application.

In-app Messaging

While push notification tempts the user to open the app, in-app messaging delivers messages when the user is browsing the app. Also, you do not need the permission of users to send in-app messages, unlike the push notifications where the user has to opt-in for the service. Brands can inform their users about the new app features, announcements regarding app updates, and promotional messages to drive in-app purchases through in-app messaging. They can also send tailor-made personalized messages and offers by understanding the browsing behavior of the user. What makes in-app messaging an excellent tool for retaining app users is its interactive and conversational tone, which makes the user wanted. However, brands need to be careful about the frequency of the messages they deliver to the user and ensure that they are not sending the same information through push notifications and in-app messaging.

Reward Loyal Users

Rewarding your loyal users is a sure shot way to motivate them to keep using the app. Once you have a decent number of loyal users of your product, they become the brand ambassadors for you, who will spread positive word of mouth and refer your app to their friends and families. Marketers understand the impact referrals make on anyone’s business. Therefore, rewarding the loyal users who make in-app purchases, actively participating in various initiatives, and helping brands get new users will go a long way in building a reliable community of users.

Keep Evolving

If you look at any successful app, they will continuously update it, keeping in mind the changing audience preference and implementing the new features for the users. Brands should keep evolving the app’s features and introduce new engaging content for the users in blog posts, videos, podcasts, pop-up ads, and others. Keep the user engaged with your app by frequently providing something of interest and witness the retention rate going up. Keeping an eye on the latest app features introduced by the competition and working on them will decrease user dropout.

To conclude, brands need to understand that retaining the users to build brand loyalty is as vital as acquiring customers. These loyal customers will drive the growth of your app and increase their average lifetime value. With the points mentioned above, marketers can increase their capability to retain the customers on their app.

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