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Why Are Advertisers Switching to Programmatic DOOH? Share via

Programmatic DOOH (pDOOH) is a more sophisticated version of digital OOH that gives you all of the benefits of DOOH plus the ability to enhance your product using data. It is a new way of marketing and is earning better outcomes even with the ongoing pandemic. Programmatic DOOH is almost the same as online advertisement, where the process of selling and delivering the ad’s content is automatic. It has a more refined approach than the DOOH, for which the benefits of marketing and remarketing are also extra.

Prime advantages of Programmatic DOOH

If you notice the shift in programmatic media buying for advertisers, you will see an increase in the application of p-DOOH. Marketers are getting more aware of the efficiency and effectiveness of programmatic advertising. Brands, irrespective of their market position, are employing programmatic display advertising platform. The prime reasons lie in the advantages of p-DOOH and the remarketing benefits. Competition in the business is at its peak, for which targeting the audience in a repeating mode is crucial to earning success. This advertising technique can capture attention in any hyper-competitive environment for instant engagement tactics. If anyone is around a digital display where the advertisement for a brand is playing, there is no way they can block the ad. Thus, an ad-block proofing method is gaining so much importance.

Acquiring location-based audience insight

Location-based data has gained so much significance in the past decade. With brands identifying the importance of location insights, the application of such programmed promotion is increasing more. Brands are now switching to such platforms for the better. Targeting the audience with real-time data makes the most impact. By using location-based programmatic advertising, with the help of third-party integration, altering the campaigns get easier. There are different mobile advertising demand side platform that can modify the promotional content based on the audience sentiment and locality. Thus, gaining this kind of profound insight is making the marketer shift gradually towards p-DOOH.

Easier to track footfall

How do you determine if the strategies you are applying for retargeting is earning the best outcome? One of the key reasons why programmatic media buying is getting significant is for the ability to track the footfall. It helps the marketers to track the data of the campaign and analyze its effectiveness. Decision making gets easier for dynamic retargeting as you receive productive data from the useful programmable remarketing platform. With such a convenient option for tracking the success of finding the shortcomings, there is no reason why brands would not want to utilize such platforms.

Easier to measure audience engagement

Marketing campaigns do not always depend on what strategy you put in or how you implement it. A major portion of determining the success of the brand depends on how you manage it. Advertisers now utilize supply-side platforms to ease the management of campaigns. It allows them to optimize the advertising inventory. Also, with the mobile media platform, the brands can influence the mobile data and understand the advertising content exhibited to the consumers. QRs and other interactive programmatic media buying tools make that audience more engaged with the brand and its promoted content. Marketers are vehemently utilizing this engagement measurement for remarketing and retargeting campaigns.

Better audience targeting

Brands constantly search for better and effective ways to target their audience. It is a natural tendency as the competition is increasing rapidly. Without setting your target and acquiring them rightly, there is no way your brand can make a lasting impact. Programmatic DOOH has made targeting the audience more accurately. With real-time metrics, reaching the right audience has become easier. Traditional DOOH did not have real-time targeting for which the effectiveness of the campaign. Advertisers can now set parameters depending on audience concentration, area of interest, locality and much more.

Scope for audience flexibility

For many brands, the budget for such target specific marketing can be less. Thus, many brands tend to focus on overall audience targeting. This does not always make the right impact on the business. But the pricing model for p-DOOH is highly flexible. As a brand marketer, you can modify your budget depending on the limitations. Advertisers can employ programmatic display advertising and remarketing with smart and diverse mobile advertisements. This way, gaining better ROI through the campaigns is also possible without much effort.

Identifying the right Programmatic DOOH platform

Utilizing the benefits of p-DOOH is becomes easier when you have the right programmatic advertising technology platform. An effective platform links the marketers and advertisers with a wide network to make targeting and retargeting seamless. All these reasons cumulatively are responsible for the gradual shift of advertisers towards p-DOOH.

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