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Why Do Brands Rely on Influencers to Promote Black Friday Sales? Share via

For brands, the holidays are typically the busiest time of the year. While some consumers buy very early or very late, the majority of people start their holiday shopping on Black Friday.

Almost all the large businesses pour out billions of dollars to capture market attention around the Black Friday Sale. Consumers are a part of the frenzy too, waiting with wishlist to grab products as soon as their attractive deals are out. While this frenzy benefits businesses as well as consumers both equally, it is not so fair for those who do not have as deep pockets or cannot afford to burn too much money. Brands that do not wish to burn billions just for a day are left to look out for ways other than compelling advertising to grab apt attention and not to miss the demands of the season.

Here, influencer marketing comes to the brands’ rescue. Almost all good brands go by way of influencer marketing to have a more targeted and more economical way of marketing around this season. Influencers marketing not only leverages the reach of their influencers, but is also more targeted and has higher chances of conversions. Let’s take an example to understand this better. If you are a fashion brand who wants to leverage this Black Friday event you can work with our top Fashion and Lifestyle influencers like Mezna Hamdan, Ghadeer Sultan, Aldanah Beauty and more. Wherever you are in the world, our Fashion and Lifestyle influencers can help you create strong discussions, earn social engagement, promote your brand, hit sales targets, or achieve other objectives. What’s more is, influencer marketing allows brands to communicate better. A beauty influencer can explain more precisely about the product to his or her followers than a traditional ad can. When an influencer communicates with the followers about the product along with the Black Friday deal, some magic is created!

Influencers are social media power users who maintain strong online communities of like-minded audiences. Many brands have started preferring Influencer marketing over traditional advertising for reasons like:

Focused Audience

Unlike traditional marketing where brands show ads to an audience they decide, Influencer marketing allows brands to communicate directly with an audience that has actively shown interest in the Category. When a person follows an influencer, he or she has keen interest in the skills of the influencer and most definitely trusts what they say or preach. When the same person talks about a product that is of interest to the influencer’s loyal follower, an instant interest is created. It is natural human psychology to trust something more if it comes from a person one admires or respects. Hence, the best bet is to collaborate with the niche category influencer and attract wider audience reach and enhanced sales, especially, during Black Friday and other festive seasons.

Millennials have been known to be one of the largest segments of consumers when it comes to online purchases. They are also known to be highly research-oriented. They would not buy a thing without doing an extensive research on it or without reading reviews from friends or influencers. Again, these brand ambassadors play an important role in shaping the thought of any consumer.

Awareness Creation

Awareness creation for any product is crucial for a product to survive the competitive markets. Even as most consumers wait for the best deals on their favorite products on Black Fridays, they also wait to discover new products. Newer brands can use influencers to introduce their products and services into the market and leverage influencer networks to create awareness amongst targeted consumers.

Time-Bound Social Penetration

Holiday buyers are getting more suggestions from friends, family, and influencers thanks to the tremendous growth of mobile shopping in 2020. Influencer marketing campaigns across social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and even Pinterest help shoppers to see products and services in action, claim limited-time offers. Holiday shoppers can easily checkout from the social media platforms during this short-lived Black Friday festive.

 Subtle Marketing

There are consumers who do not like brands that make too much noise during events like Black Friday. Most of them are too tired of hearing each brand call itself the best. Consumers prefer to hear real reviews from real people and be assured that they are picking the right stuff. Genuine influencers do exactly the same. They do not endorse any brands’ product, but genuinely review it for their followers to share the pros and cons. It’s a win-win situation for all three parties involved here. This helps your brand standout amongst various other marketing campaigns flooded on social platforms during Black Friday Sale.

Cost-Effective Marketing Mix

Influencer Marketing allows brands to have better budget allocation for product offers and advertising; especially, during such Black Friday like events. Influencer marketing is fundamentally lower in production costs. As the cost of paid advertising continues to rise, businesses are finding it more difficult to promote their products or services during holiday events, which is where influencer marketing may help. Negotiating proper affiliate partnerships with performance-based commissions may help with reducing influencer marketing costs.

The Power of Authenticity

Influencer marketing has exploded as a technique of establishing trust with increasingly discriminating audiences as a result of the distrust in advertising amidst the rising brand advertising chaos. The ideal influencers can help you reach new niche audiences that are tough to reach through traditional advertising. Maintaining relevance in your target demographic can bring long-term benefits such as improved brand sentiment, repeat business, and brand advocacy, all of which are more crucial for your brand’s survival and can be achieved with the help of influencer marketing event campaigns.

When combined together, Black Friday deals and Influencer Marketing make for a win-win deal! The objective is to enlist the support of influencers in promoting the value of your product line and cultivating long-term brand loyalty among individuals who shop during your Black Friday sales event. Furthermore, these influencers may assist you in publicizing sneak peeks to interested customer groups. By partnering with influencers for such events, brands will generate genuine enthusiasm, increased brand awareness, and record conversion rates.

Discover how brands can influence the consumer buying decisions during this Black Friday event with ArabyAds’ Black Friday 2021 Predictions Report.

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