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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Successful Influencer Marketing! Share via

Influencer marketing is a very complicated world of advertisements. However, it’s one of the most successful and booming marketing tactics nowadays. 

The tactic has been invading the traditional marketing world; “word of mouth” for years now and it has been giving the audience more engagement opportunities.

Yet influencer marketing is full of hidden surprises that make the ground a bit bumpy especially when it comes to communication, quality, content objectives alignments, influencer marketing data, and influencer marketing ROI.

So, to stand on solid ground we asked our influencer marketing experts to answer elaborately all the frequently concerns and questions that any advertiser might have: 

Concern 1: how influencer marketing can influence my business?

Although we can end the discussion with one answer stating that the consumers are now considered the ones drawing their own customer experiences and their buying journey and that made reaching them getting difficult with time.  For instance,  60% of Arabs are either ignoring ads or setting up an ad blocker. 

The way we buy our needs now is different and sometimes it depends on a lot of factors; the urgency of the need for example.

 No to mention that brutally, 67% of people are marketers who reported engaging with influencer marketing activities to reach their objectives, and that’s a high percentage that can grow even broader given how influential the influencers economy is thriving into confidential networks with their authentic content.


Concern 2: What an adboomingvertiser must know before launching an influencer campaign?

The following are influencer marketing data you should pay attention to very well:

  1. Objectives: Advertisers are usually looking for specific objectives and data when deciding to launch an influencer campaign. The objectives are various starting from brand awareness, a huge coverage campaign to product purchases, registrations,  and building a reputation with your target audience. These are all actions that an advertiser must know and determine beforehand.
  2. Relevancy: The ratio of influencers varying from mega to micro is giving hard time for influencer marketing experts to figure out which ones are directing to their end-user audience. Sometimes, advertisers seek huge coverage with opinion leaders to get high views. Overlooking the relevance of the influencer pick importance, they might not get any ROI or any purchases given that the audience isn’t relevant to what they sell. While a micro-influencer, on the other hand, can give them the results they’re looking for.
  3. Quality of content: This point could drag the whole campaign down. Quality and the details of content (technical specifications, word picks, time, hashtags, links, etc) must be decided before starting the campaign to settle what will satisfy each party.
  4. Payment: How payment is going to be processed is important. Some influencers ask for a half payment divided before and after the campaign. Others could ask about the whole payment before or after the campaign. Yet with no guarantee of the achievability of results, we know your upcoming concern.

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Concern 3: How an advertiser should estimate achievable KPIs for an influencer.

First, we ask about previous campaigns and insights aside from our plan to explore what KPIs we should be seeing. If an advertiser insists on certain KPIs, then we turn to evaluate the possibilities of how the influencer is going to achieve them. At ArabyAds, we give the space to only pay for sales and successful transactions which give a risk-free, hassle-free, and relief to any advertiser in that matter comparing how the unachievable KPIs might ruin a quarter’s ROI for any business.

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Concern 4: How to ensure you’re collaborating with the right influencer?

We’ve heard about hundreds of deals getting cancelled in the middle of contracts just because there’s no compatibility between the advertiser and the influencer. Our influencer marketing experts extract this by arranging the smallest communication detail and enhancing it and here’re their insider’ tips about how you know this is the right influencer based on reliable influencer marketing data:

  1. Match your product, not your business: You know which category your product is serving. And obviously, you’ll need someone expert in the same field to talk about your product and its benefits.
  2. Ensure credibility: The trust bond between the influencers and their audience is the major focus here. Another main focus, how credible is the influencer’s database, how many mass follower accounts they have, how many fake ones? This will ensure your brand’s safety and authenticity of promotions.
  3. Beware of your competitor’s picks: Whom the influencer promoted days ago should be of top interest to you. Because it breaks the credibility rule and the genuineness that your product has. An influencer should look out for not confusing their audience and you should too. To avoid any dilemma from happening.


Concern 5: Need help to maintain influencer marketing ROI? Here’re two golden ways we provide to ease influencer marketing on you.

Influencer marketing is the smartest and the most effective way to re-engage your audience, gain influencer marketing ROI, and promote your brand.

And by now you should know that a lot of agencies build solutions and systems in this matter.

Influencer marketing data could shape a mess despite its simple as a concept, however, preparing a list of influencer marketing data;  influencers in every field, building a network of influencers, negotiating prices, writing creative briefs, measure and monitoring trends and influencers’ results is a huge responsibility that can trouble any business’ team dedications.

That’s why agencies made up systems and solutions that enhance all that. At ArabyAds, our solution for influencer marketing is considered the most digested solution in the marketplace, given the two models we built for clients’ different preferences, we ensure a risk-free and hassle-free solution.


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