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7 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can Leverage from Affiliate Marketing! Share via

Large businesses have always seen success using affiliate marketing. Though all businesses can use affiliate marketing, it can also play a vital role in small businesses. Small businesses can dive into a full marketing experience that can assure them a non-wasted experience for their resources and efforts. And that’s because affiliate marketing is a performance-based solution which means you only pay for.

For more elaboration, we’ve collected 7 major reasons why you should jump right into the affiliate marketing trial as a small business:


1. It’s a profitable solution with high ROI from all angles

Putting affiliate online marketing side to side with Google online ads, the cost per sale in affiliate marketing is more attractive. Given the fact that a business usually is charged with 20x more in Google Ads. For small businesses, affiliate marketing provides a high ROI when done right. 


2. It’s the golden opportunity to leverage from instant social proofs

Small businesses need to have reviews and social proof as online customers now rely on them. According to research, online proofs and reviews play a significant role in affiliate marketing for small businesses and make more than 96% of shoppers decide their final purchases.


3. Collaborations with affiliates will scale and expand your audience

A collaboration between an advertiser and a publisher means this publisher has an audience that is related somehow to the advertiser’s target segment. And that allows publishers to raise their circles of audience. And so for the advertiser. These new audiences unleash new opportunities to reach and ROIs for small businesses and might even shape a lead base for the brand.


4. Grow your small business’s brand awareness properly

Just like small businesses should care about their sales, they should also care about their brand awareness and publishers are the top helpers. Publishers drive more traffic to advertisers that allow the business to be recognizable.


5. It’s the most risk-free and cost-effective solution

It‘s not a fake promise when we say that affiliate marketing is risk-free. It’s very beneficial to use affiliate marketing for small businesses as they only pay for the successful sales generated. This guarantees no waste in time, effort, and budget for small businesses.

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6. It integrates perfectly with any other marketing activity

Affiliate marketing isn’t a solo tactic to be executed. Smart advertisers sometimes merge them with ATL campaigns or Sale Campaigns. Publishers with a high-quality website, content, and strategy could aid perfectly in such cases with their promotional efforts.


7. An efficient booster for off-page SEO optimization

Last but not least, one of the best reasons that have a permanent impact is this one. When affiliates promote a business they use backlinks that drive the clicker to the brand’s website. These are known as inbound links and they’re profitable to search engine optimization and to rank higher in organic search.

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Wrapping up

Affiliate marketing is booming right now and in all ways, all sizes of businesses can have benefits when applying. However, there’s no marketing application without its pitfalls. Finding enough money/budget to market a small business might be one of the major issues faced. Yet once a business merge affiliate marketing into the plan, they will find a raise in affiliate marketing revenues and ROIs that will effectively help the marketing budget. 

At ArabyAds, we’ve been practising affiliate marketing with different fields and types of businesses and we guaranteed successful, risk-free, no-hassle, and financially rewarding results. Contact us to know how we can help you too.