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5 Questions you must ask before marketing your eLearning course! Share via

Ever since the pandemic started, there has been a difference in the curve of online learning’s growth doubling up along the way especially in the Gen Z, and millennials communities. 

Although there has been a noticeable poor growth in the normal college and school programs, that didn’t reflect on the fact that even the beginner courses and programs had the attention of the college students. 

How did that happen? 

By designing a course that follows the answers to the next 5 questions!

1. What goals do you need to achieve?

What is anything without a goal really? Before stepping into picking your instructors, you’ll have to make sure the training/course has goals set to accomplish (i.e., sales, brand/platform awareness, promoting a series of post courses). One of the best practices to adopt that well is to meet the S.M.A.R.T methodology. 

2. Who are the targeted learners?

Determine your course’s audience. Of course, you might attract wanderers but setting criteria for the age, job roles, countries, how many you’re expecting, and why these criteria of the audience would join your course. This all is essential to know beforehand.

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3. How can the learners know about the course?

There’re multiple ways to make your desired learner know about you. On top of a lot of solutions, selecting an influencer that fit your criteria of the target audience will be the perfect solution. The influencer is pulling circles of followers that trust their opinion, see them as an incredible source of information, and have matching interests. 

A lot of brands see influencers as an unwanted hassle. And it’s true except it’s a hassle we know how to puff away by using two models of your choice.

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4. Which channels are more effective?

Nothing is more appealing than connecting with the right content and visuals on the right channel. Newsletter, display ads, emails, influencers content, social media content, Interactive posters, and more. They’re all options that you must know which one suits your audience best. 

5. Why stating structure and benefits are important?

It’s understandable, people want to learn more about what’s relevant and useful to their future plan and what will help them at the moment. Beware that if you stated benefits for your prospects you’ll have to weave those benefits into the material of the course or program you’re offering. 

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